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  1. The funny thing is that in most respects the G8X is WORSE than its G8 predecessor. On the one side, the G8X has a larger battery and a better selfie camera than the G8. But that's where things end and the tide turns. The older G8 had a better low-light aperture on the main camera (F1.5 vs F1.8 on the G8X), better aperture on the second camera (F1.9 vs F2.4), more pixels on the second camera (16 megapixels vs 13 megapixels on the G8X), and better screen resolution (1440 x 3120 vs 1080 x 2340 on the G8X). And despite the G8 having been released back in Feb 2019, the newer G8X STILL has Android 9 and the 855 chip.

  2. Fully appreciate how your reviews are practical and opinions are based on the actual phone instead of comparing apples to oranges. And you're the only reviewer who explained why the second screen has a notch. Others just scoff at it and just shows the laziness in their homework. This phone checks all boxes: chip, gpu, screen, water resistance, ram, sd slot, headphone jack, battery and wireless charging. My only gripe is Android 9 instead of Android 10. I've owned LG's since the LG G 3 and their OS updates are garbage. You and Flossy Carter are my faves!

  3. Maybe LG will listen to their customers and actually update their phones from time to time. Ha ha ha….no, they won't. True to form, LG will roll this flagship G8X off the assembly line with the LAST generation Android 9 — dated before it even leaves the factory — and no reliable schedule of when — or IF — it will ever see Android 10. Typical LG. So, quick rundown, the G8X will ship with last generation Android, last generation 855 chip, and a lower screen resolution than its predecessor G8. Way to go, LG.

  4. Hey Ben, very interested in the LG GX dual screen device, any updates on the release date here in the United States and pricing?, I think I like this hardware possibly better than the Galaxy fold, thanks Dan

  5. I bought the LG V20 after your recommendation and then I bought the V30 (current daily driver) and loved both phones. Each LG phone seems to be getting better and really appreciate LG's innovation (moving buttons to back, wide angle camera, Quad DAC), going against the grain (keeping the headphone jack), and LISTENING TO CUSTOMERS. I have to continue to support LG for these reasons… Plus, they make really good phones, OLED TVs and washing machines/fridges.. LG isn't perfect, but they've been steadily improving again and respect them for taking chances (modular LG G5). Well done LG and excellent vid!

  6. Will the screen work with other devices? I know it's a stupid question but if you hack it/your phone. Maybe, just maybe. It will work.

  7. I hope they don't abandon it like they do to previous flagship. My LG V30+ doesn't receive Pie and I don't know when my phone will get android Pie. It's almost Christmas.

  8. Great LG, I love it. about the price, I can imagine that I am using a foldable smartphone like samsung or mate x…..with an unworried price.
    just a question, I am a book reader. Do we have any way to connect 2 smartphones and read them like a paper book?
    I have 2 smart phones 6.4 inchs, and I hope I can have 1 paper book reader connecting between them.

    and missing a stylus pen? LG please improve.

  9. Yes, it is not perfect but I love the considerations they put into this device. The case, the options for the notch, the keyboard…. 👍👏👏👏

  10. Yes, it is not perfect but I love the considerations they put into this device. The case, the options for the notch, the keyboard…. 👍👏👏👏

  11. Biggest news he just glossed over—they kept the freaking headphone jack! Now the only flagship to offer one–well done LG!

  12. LG should make the dual screen case thicker and add a battery.. maybe 2 extra lens for the camera. OR add another chip/brain… Like adding another turbo to ur car making it twin turbo… Lol

  13. ben's gadget reviews i have LG V50 thinQ and i broke my dual screen case, i want to know if the LG G8X thinQ dual screen case will work on my on my LG V50 thinQ, reply please thanks.

  14. Apple will come with dual screen phone and kill all these useless people. I mean if you are going to do dual screen make the gap very small. Also super high res…Apply ipad probably dual screen phone

  15. I'm an LG fan ever since the G4/V10 extended the warranty cause of the bootloop shituation. Only question is how long will LG support the consumer with updates?

  16. i was wandering, what would happen if one connects another phone (like note 9 or so) with an usb cable to that 2nd lg monitor?
    only the g8 supports that 2nd monitor or also other phones (which can be connected to monitors)?

  17. Nice LG G8X Dual Screen, it is more practical and less expensive then the Samsung dual screen. True Apple is a stubborn company because they have never included a SD card slot in their IPhones.

  18. I had to stop the video for a moment to holler in triumph at 6:47. The lack of tablet mode was a deal breaker for me with the V50. But now, LG just brought over a convert from Samsung…

  19. LG decided to sell the V50 WITHOUT the dual display accessory in the US – in fact the US version doesn’t even have the pins on the back, so one cannot import and use the display at all. It’s amazing the LG would sell the V50 without one of the few selling points for it over other devices like the Samsung S10.

    Maybe this time around LG will try to sell the G8X dual display without the phone instead, just for a laugh.

  20. This is an interesting setup, but I would be a lot more interested if LG used the triple-camera G8 as the basis for this device rather than the dual camera one.

  21. Is there actually stereo speakers from both the earpiece & bottom speaker instead of the screen & bottom speaker? Thanks.

  22. Pricing will be the main thing for this, but I see this as more useful than the fold and Huawei's foldable.

    Kudos to LG.

  23. If you only want extra screen for typing fxtec pro1 is even better option, it has a real keyboard. This seems definitely a better idea than folding screens tho.

  24. One worst con for LG phones is the screen brightness. LG, Pixels, and HTC are the least companies to me that don't make their screens bright but for pixels they get their selling point, Google software but the other two companies are nearly fading out because of their poor screens. There's no secret about it that the display is the impression of any phone.

  25. The primary thing that would make me buy this is to replace my tablet for reading. Has anyone been able to test e-reader apps for epubs/comics? Can the app go full screen and display a book page per screen?

  26. Comparing Galaxy Fold to that abomination is a blasphemy. It's like comparing first iPhone 2007 with Motorola Razr. iPhone didn't come with 3G, MMS, GPS, video recording only photos, no front facing camera, worst battery life, terrible cell reception and call quality, over heating, no copy paste, keyboard was slow at typing especially text correction and people that time writing texts faster with like T9 implementations. But as a first buyer never regret it. Again every phone was cheaper, more functional and feature rich than iPhone like Galaxy Fold is today. Let's stop giving only Apple free passes releasing expensive devices and first attempt tech.
    Also don't pretend caring for tech and value when you have an iPad "Pro" in front of you $1600 +$300 keyboard + $150 =$2000
    What value an iPad "Pro" (until October still no mouse support or multiwindow multitasking bsupport but ok they bring some widgets to home screen) has to a full $2000 laptop? Galaxy Fold combines flagship $1000 phone + $1000 tablet at foldable premium package. I get it you don't like Samsung and it's your preference, I will still follow your channel and I like most of your videos but man double notches, fat bezels, 1080p screens and 3DS form factor isn't the future or practical. For me it's overpriced.

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