LG G6 2019, This camera though…

#LGG6 First Impression 2019
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I hope you enjoyed the video but remember, not all android cameras sucks, it’s just not true!
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8 Replies to “LG G6 2019, This camera though…”

  1. Lg v30 is the phone people should get, it might seem like a small upgrade but trust me it's a really big one I own both phones 🙂

    Wireless charging
    Better design &screen (more semetrical, curved edges, smaller chin & forhead, better camera design & build , 6 inch oled display)
    Significantly better cameras
    Much smoother performance especially on android 9 pie
    Will get android 10 /q
    Better battery life

  2. I got the lg g6 new in December from boost for $29. Still loving it. Great pick up. And with the last software update the cameras are great

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