Lee Da Hee is Completely Upset.. She is Crying!!! [Running Man Ep 395]

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42 Replies to “Lee Da Hee is Completely Upset.. She is Crying!!! [Running Man Ep 395]”

  1. Honestly if you are in her situation you’d feel embarrassment I would cry as well if I’m in her place because it’s just so hard for everyone to be against you I know it’s only a game a joke but if someone is sensitive enough they can

  2. I don't know why but i cry while watching this. I really know that feeling and i hate that feeling. If i in the same situation, i think i eill cry too.

  3. Dahee is actually 1 of the frequent guests that i really like. I love that she knows how to express herselfang put some little drama in the show. She's witty and she knows what she want. Some might be hating her but those some people can't take away the fact that she gives extra color to the show.

  4. There is so many comments accusing haters and whatnot and defending Da Hee…..Dude, I cannot find a single hate comment…..

  5. I don’t care about you haters. I love watching her on Runningman! Haters just go to whoever you like. Nobody is forcing you to watched/ love her.
    Lee Da Hee is just so beautiful here. 😍

  6. omg I'm the same as her. I cry whenever I feel a strong emotion whether it is being frustrated, annoyed, etc…. sometimes I've been told I'm dramatic/want pity but I can't help it

  7. I think this is a contrast to her roles she always plays. And she has long hair! For some reason, I think most of her roles she has short hair.

  8. Dahee is perfect for Running Man, idk what you all are talking about. The entirety of the show since Season 1 is based on saying outlandish things and acting WAY over the top. Dahee was a perfect addition to the show. Nobody was annoyed at her. If you didn't realize, they basically made her an extra member of the show. I PROMISE that wasn't because she annoyed everybody. Everybody enjoyed her company, and she basically made a character for herself.
    Luckily, people in the comment section aren't the producers for the show because everyone would be fired. Dahee, over the several episodes she made appearances, was one of the funniest guests they have had.

  9. This episode made me fall in love with Da Hee, and made me ship her and Kwang Soo… Still kinda bummed he’s with Sun Bin now :{P

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