Le Tour De France 2019 PS4 | Astana #20 – FUGLSANG CRASHED! (Albertville – Val Thorens EP 20)

Welcome to Albertville – Val Thorens, episode 20, part 20 and stage 20, of this Le Tour De France 2019 PS4 game English gameplay series.

In this series, I will be doing a TDF 2019 walkthrough/playthrough with Astana, of the Tour De France 2019 game. I can also do a review of the game if you want.

It’s a bit like Pro cycling manager, but in this game, you are controlling the riders. In this series, I will not play the full stage of any stages. I will fast forward some parts of the stages(especially the flat stages) but I will play all the different sprints, from mountain sprints, to the intermediate sprint.

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Console: PS4
Capture Card: Elgato HD
Mic: Rode nt-usb
Camera: Panasonic HC-W580 twin
Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13 And Adobe After affect cs6
Thumbnail Creator: Photoshop
Royalty Free Music:

source: https://marishka-moi.com/

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34 Replies to “Le Tour De France 2019 PS4 | Astana #20 – FUGLSANG CRASHED! (Albertville – Val Thorens EP 20)”

  1. In future games, I would like (potentially optional) for their to be a 20% chance that those who go down in a crash have to withdraw from the Tour, and a further 20% chance that they will be injured (noticeable decrease in all stats). Potentially percentages reduced to 15%. Also, potentially only when riders are under the players control.

  2. For next time, you should mane one episode arter each of the irl stages. Then you CAn talk about it and at the same til playing

  3. Try a breakaway with Sanchez or Cort and then try to win the final Sprint with Cort. Remember that the final sprint gives you 50 points if you come in first place gl!

  4. trying to get green jersey with sanchez is pointless even if he wins intermediate he cant even dream of beating Sagan in the end sprint

  5. Two tips her Lukas
    1.When you are getting sombody ti protect you only one can do it and i do not know why
    2.If you hold the follow button when the guy that is protecting you he Will Ride 100%
    Like if you have seen IT Lukas
    Keep up the good work🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️

  6. At 1:49 G.Izagirre is not protecting Fuglsang. I think it is a bug because there's no orange circle behind Fuglsang. This happens very often.

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