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  1. I love my 19 zx6r… 130hp is heaps… plus pipe and tune gets a bit more than that… my brother has a 04 cbr1000rr and its not much quicker… has a bit more in a straight line… but on the corners the 6r shines

  2. Hmm. That's the first time I saw someone using a neck brace for Track day. Is it to help with the forces when the wind hits you just before braking?

  3. Really nice video.
    I’ve raced, instructed and been on tracks for well over a decade and everything you said was spot on!

    No idea what the zx6 has to do with anything 😂

  4. Excellent point in regards to the valve cap – I suffered a sudden full deflation due to this in Kirkistown years ago……. a bit of a brown leathers moment (and people think I'm mad when I tell them about this, so really glad to see you bring this up!). 😉

  5. Very strange to watch this video and see myself going out on track for my first track day! They told us someone was filming but I didn't know what it was! Great job by the way, CC is a nice track and local for me so I'll be doing more next year.

  6. Great video!! I’ve done many now but was always looking for information like this for my first! This will help a lot of people! 👍🏼

  7. Castle Combe is a great track. Great surroundings in leafy Wiltshire. The bike track days are some of the best around.

  8. Who doesn't love Chris. What a guy. We always get so much from his reports and he isnt a ego maniac but, he has bags of talent. Especially after lowsiding a bike for crash testing hardware. Get Chris on more please.
    Id love to do my firsg track day, but id deffo be bricking it a bit, especially with running my own bike. Thank you BW and Chris. Lom forward to more.

  9. Great video about track days Did 4 years on a 2012 ZX6R on track before moving onto 2017 CBR1000RR which actually out handles the ZX6R , glad I did my time on a 600👍🏻

  10. 9:19 i wish i could tell car drivers this. keep doing what you're doing… don't worry about what i'm doing… it's my responsibility to get by you.

  11. tracks have sound limits?!?! then what are all these full exhausts that say racing only? if you can't even use them while racing, then where can you?

  12. Cool vid. From the US, two things: Track insurance? That is a nice idea, I couldn't find a company that would offer that in my region. And you aren't supposed to time your laps? What?!?! How are you supposed to know what group you belong in (here that is designated by your track time) with out knowing what your track times are?

  13. It is a great bike, and what you said about it is all true. I confirm with my personal experience of riding it in the past couple of months on the track.

  14. Awesome video! I mostly came here for the bike review, but I thoroughly enjoyed all the insight on what tracks days are like. I ride a '17 ZX-6R, the only thing I envy about the new gen is the quickshifter. Aside from that I love how my little green beast looks and rides.

  15. the walking on the circuit butterfly feeling is real haha I was on a highway and I ran into traffic stopped and got excited that I was able to stand on a highway I got a gitty feeling haha

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