Ji Hyo "If we're not the secret couple, then Jong Kook is being jealous" [Running Man Ep 445]

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46 Replies to “Ji Hyo "If we're not the secret couple, then Jong Kook is being jealous" [Running Man Ep 445]”

  1. Good job jihyo. Kim jong kook likes to play hard to get and should have married jihyo already. Now hes jealous because she held his hand lol. Listen old man lol. The more u keep delaying jihyo's offer, these younger studs are going to come in and show u how its done lol. Dont hate the young stud, hate yourself for playing your childess games. Its simple buy a freakin ring and man up and propose to her on running man. U know damn well a lady cant propose to a man lol. Hurry your old azz up because u starting to look like a grumpy old man still waiting for the girl from x men who broke your heart lol. Sparta is becoming a grumpy jealous spartan lol.

  2. Looking at the thumbnail, all I see is Mommy Jihyo, Daddy Jong kook, and their son Jae Young.
    SpartaAce all the way!😂

  3. Rewatching again after so many times and it’s still funny 😂 I just love the fact that after Jihyo made her statement everybody hesitated and believed her more than Jong Kook lmao. Kwang Soo expression even said it 😂😂

  4. Ji hyo is indeed known to sleep though, so I cannot blame them for being so suspicious 😆

    And the statement the maybe oppa is just jealous got me too hehehe

  5. Man imagine how the members would react if they found out she was dating someone secretly! Their reaction will be 10x worse hahaha.

  6. Ji Hyo's sleeping habit is a remarkable factor for the members….their reaction is priceless!!
    the way she dared KJK to admit his jealousy is so cute

  7. Lol poor Jihyo was caught in Jae Young and Somin's trap 😂😂 although we have to thank them for this spartace moment 😂😂

  8. I always hope that Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo will be able to come to the same house to hope that it will be great, now I think I have a guardian who loves me really. 100% households

  9. They should give SJH with KJK or Haha a spy couple role, they’ve good at it. This ep was kinda obvious, I guessed it was Somin but towards the end, finding clues, the hints were obviously pointing The male guest

  10. The secret couple on that eps is jae young and so min hahaha it's prove that jung kook is truly jealous to jihyo 🤣

  11. They've all known each other (the old members) for so long that each and everyone knows if anything suspicious is going on. It would be sad if Runningman were to end😔

  12. Haven't watched this show since Gary left and they were tryna get rid of Spartace. I might just start watching again, I kinda miss it.

  13. Ya jong kook but ji hyo is known as being nice to guests and it's funny that the damning evidence is whether she slept or not

  14. Lmao
    Song ji hyo: "If we're not the secret couple then Kim Jong kook is just being jealous"
    Rest of the members: 😶🤔

    Everyone literally stopped accusing her 😂and started thinking about what she said 😂💀😍

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