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  1. I just bought the iphone 11 pro max and the front camera is terrible I’m returning it tomorrow and replacing it with an Iphone 8 Plus

  2. so I ordered my 8 plus but it didn’t come … so I’m getting iPhone XR.
    All iPhones are technically the same, if you have xr you could get a third party app to just make the lighting better. If you are stuck between the two, think, do I want Touch ID or do I want Face ID ? With Touch ID if your fingers are greasy and you want to unlock your phone, it’s a bit of a sticky situation, with Face ID all you have to do is put your face close to your phone. Both are great phones and I was stuck between the two, but I realised when more Apple phones come out, 8 plus will be downgraded first. So if you want your home button, choose the 8 plus, if you don’t mind , get the xr.

  3. I bought an XR a couple days ago….I think I am going to return it and get the 8 plus…I am not happy with the XR camera. The XR makes everything look "fake". I don't notice it as much in this video, but when I take a selfie on the XR it blurs my face and seems to colour correct my face. Which you think I would happy with (free and easy photo-shopped selfie!) but it just doesn't look natural and doesn't pick up as much detail as I would like it to. A selfie on even the 6s that I'm upgrading from looks arguably better due to the detail. Also, from my experience the XR seems to make everything look "warmer" and "brighter"; it bring out more colours (if I were to take a picture of a field of grass, it would look "better" on the XR, but to me it's not as natural, and I'm not too impressed!). Definitely test out the XR camera a bit in store before buying it.

  4. I just wanna ask you guys if u’re also experiencing the type of camera from the androids? I mean, the photo looked liked a filtered and smoothened one? Do u guys experience it?

  5. Plz give me an advice I’m using iPhone x max but i have also both mobiles iPhone 7 plus Rose gold and iPhone x , but I’m confusing about which mobile i have along in use iPhones x max, iPhone 7 plus or iPhone X? i want to choose one both of them for my second fone.Plz tell me

  6. The iPhone 8 plus was made for people who wants the iPhone X feature, but doesn't like the Notch or want the home button. But there are still a few features that the 8 plus is missing from the X.

  7. im getting an iphone 8 plus next week and im so excited, cause i in my opinion is the 8 plus the best phone that you can have now

  8. This videos very helpful I think I’ve decided. On a side note he has that kinda voice that would be good for scary stories lol.

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