iPhone 8 Plus VS iPhone 7 Plus | CAMERA SHOOTOUT

The new iPhone 8 Plus just came out and we wanted to take it for a spin and compare it to the iPhone 7 Plus. Both of these phones have amazing cameras so we wanted to stack them up side by side and do some dissecting. Please enjoy our unscientific, real-world comparison between these two great devices.

For more updates on the new iPhones:

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44 Replies to “iPhone 8 Plus VS iPhone 7 Plus | CAMERA SHOOTOUT”

  1. My mum is giving me an 8plus for christmas because she just got here last month oversea's working she has an iphone 11 and an iphone 6 tho

  2. Best review ever! Thank you! I prefer buying the 7 plus now. Besides I only want the camera for memories and there's a lot of editing apps for me to use if I need a good shot. Kudos!

  3. This was so helpful, thank you guys so much, and also, thank you for not being one of those review videos when they take forever to get to the actual comparison💕

  4. Haha it's funny cause my I phone 7 plus looks better when I vlog and film with autofocus it actually looks great and I'm good at working portrait mode, so my 7 plus usually looks really well. Well at least better than the I phone 7 pics on this video lol

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