iPhone 8 Plus vs DSLR: Pretty Close!

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The iPhone 8 Plus camera, which has a 94 DxOMark, has been praised a lot. So, we thought, why not pit the iPhone 8 Plus vs DSLR and see if the bigwig camera phone from Apple manages to take on a DSLR camera. We are putting the iPhone 8 Plus against the Canon 77D with Sigma 18-35mm lens.

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50 Replies to “iPhone 8 Plus vs DSLR: Pretty Close!”

  1. This dude hasn’t a clue when it comes to using a DSLR.

    “The DSLR clearly overexposed the sky”

    You can change the settings for that, or fix it in post. Total moron.

  2. Dude you dont know how to use a DSLR. Any smartphones, any of them . Wont even come anywhere near 10% the power of a DSLR. And your using Canon. Smh

  3. Saçma bir karşılaştırma.Dalga mı geçiyorsunuz ? Dslr için ayarlar var lensler var.O telefona bin çeker.

  4. Let's face it, you suck at photography and don't know how to use a DSLR. Don't make such poor videos, you lose your credibility as a tech reviewer.

  5. This test is similar like testing a bicycle vs. a car, where you only use first gear. The bicycle will be more agile and as fast as the car. So why not go for second gear?
    There are so many more miracle shots possible with a DSLR or a good mirrorless when you know how to use it properly. The iPhone camera is ok for better quality snapshots for the push-one-bottom-only-generation. The discussion is between optically produced pictures through lenses and electronically calcuated pictures. DSLRs will be ahead for years. Maybe once in future. But you will have to buy dozens of new generations of iPhone until you beat a DSLR you already have.

  6. The 77d has a bad sensor.
    Try maybe a Nikon, look at the dxomark scores the d3500 is the best right now for image quality

  7. ummmm you ether had too low of a frame rate or just you didnt focus properly on the cannon because when it was sharp on the cannon it killed the iPhone. Plus u didnt put in the fact dslrs have raw modes and that improve dynamic range and quality plus the massive range of lenses on a dlsr like a big af 400mm telephoto lens i do say one thing about the Iphone tho its great because its simple to use and anyone even a vegetable can rely on its auto mode to get a decent shot.

  8. Brilliant video but it's impossible to really judge sharpness and detail unless you use a tipod because you get different camera shake with every shot

  9. I appreciate the attempt here. But either your DSLR and/or lens are really low-quality, or you haven't learned how to use it properly. Looking at the sharpness, I'm willing to say your camera and lens combination generate sub-par shots.

    It's also important to note that a system camera shot is intended for post-editing, where you use techniques such as bracketing for HDR moments and have a greater ability to bring up shadows or tone down highlights in editing software due to all the extra information you capture.

  10. Comparison shoud be Iphone 8 vs ( dslr + lightroom) .
    And Bokeh in DSLR is ALWAYS perfect because it is created by optical phenomena not software algorithm.

  11. Oh dear. This guy has no clue how to use a dlsr. Go and fucking eat some dogs rather than making this god awful content.

  12. 2 things:

    – Compare again with some good glass on your DSLR. A plastic lens equals crappy pictures
    – See a dentist.

  13. You guys dont even know how to shoot manually in dslr. Pathetic. 77D is one of the best APS-C camera in its segment. Stop making such stupid videos. i own both the devices.

  14. This video is a joke, you clearly don't know how to use a dslr. You barely even touch the exposure, half the images highlights are blown out. A dslr is still miles ahead of an iphone, the sensor is just much larger. You cannot surpass a dslr with such a small sensor and will not for a long time.

  15. I use both the products. obbiously dslr is much better than iphone. its just that iphone make many of the post processing of photos by itself. n still it can't compare 10% of a proper dslr finished product. n bro please learn photography before posting this type of video in the future.

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