iPhone 11 Vs iPhone 8 Plus CAMERA TEST! (Photo Comparison)


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The iPhone 11 just came out, so let’s see how the cameras compare on the iPhone 8 Plus!

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47 Replies to “iPhone 11 Vs iPhone 8 Plus CAMERA TEST! (Photo Comparison)”

  1. I got iPhone 11 several days ago after selling my iPhone 8+ and….. PLEASE BRING BACK MY 8+ !!! iPhone 11 cameras are totally bad either front or back than 8+ !!!!!!

  2. It’ll be huge difference in the night time with night mode, 11 destroy 8 plus by this mode either as the x, xs, almost all superior phones since 2016 still doing good pictures by day, but not in the night

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  4. I have an iPhone 8+ and I have the normal iPhone 11 honestly the camera difference is crazy especially between the two mobile stoorecing people in the video what is the comparison right but believe me the difference is not normal

    believe me Guys 😅😂

  5. I really do not understand what you're talking about. Noise cancelling. Exposure. True-ness to colour and detail-wise, the 11 is 10-times better. The 8+ was a good phone, without a doubt but camera-wise it's not even comparing to the iPhone 11. I get that some colours that "pop" more are more appealing to the human eye but a quality camera should be true to colour, not "pop"

  6. I was planning to upgrade to an iPhone 11/11 pro. Now I have an IPhone 7. but your Video helped a lot to change my decision 🙂 i’m going to upgrade to an IPhone 8+.( sorry for my english 🙈)

  7. I have 6s and I want to upgrade with new one which one should I choose guys 8 plus 128gb or 11 128gb dual sim by the way the 8 plus costs 625$ and the 11 costs 800$ thanks in advance

  8. Lazy review mate. iPhone 8 still a decent shooter in all fairness. Been said previously but you should be going outdoors and taking some proper pictures. I’m not saying I didn’t get something from your still images but real life situations would be more beneficial for your subscribers and any you’d like to attract..
    Must try harder next time imho.

  9. The glass is the same , both got 12mp cameras. Only difference is the iPhone 11 has more shades. Do your self a favor and just buy lenses for you iPhone 8 Plus and you will be just fine 👌 , btw I’m a IP8+ user.

  10. Honestly I prefer 8 plus
    1. The iPhone 11 rlly looks ugly, that apple logo had enough room to stay in its original spot!
    2. The 8+ takes the most beautiful pics 💜💜💜
    3. The color of the 8 plus gold has a tint of rose gold which is GORGEOUS!
    4. home button!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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