Internet Explorer 9: How to save the free ProfessorWord bookmarklet

How to save the free ProfessorWord bookmarklet to Internet Explorer 9 (IE9):

1. Make sure your Favorites Bar is visible. If it’s not, right-click the Tools button and then
select Favorites Bar.
2. Drag the “Run ProfessorWord!” button to your Favorites Bar

That’s it! As you browse the web, select the “Run ProfessorWord!” button to get definitions with just a click. We even automatically highlight all the SAT/ACT vocabulary words found on the page and analyze the text complexity (coming soon!) of the page.

Whether you’re a teacher or a student studying for the SAT/ACT, learning English, or just looking to improve your vocabulary, find out how ProfessorWord can help you!

To save ProfessorWord to another browser/device:


To learn how to use ProfessorWord:


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