Intermediate Excel Skills, Tips, and Tricks Tutorial

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Learn many of the intermediate skills, tips, and tricks that you’ll need in order to be able to use Excel effectively. This is the second of several video tutorials on Excel. Please consider watching my other video: The Beginner’s Guide to Excel. In this intermediate video you’ll learn some advanced formatting tools such as conditional formatting, how to save time by using the Autofill Handle, the basics of formulas and functions, sorting and filtering, and a few random useful tips such as Freeze Panes. Find my whole Excel playlist here:
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49 Replies to “Intermediate Excel Skills, Tips, and Tricks Tutorial”

  1. I'm a beginner and I easily learned so much from you.very easy to understand, concise and clear, Well done! Thank you very much!

  2. This is so helpful. You are such a good teacher. I will definitely put this to use. Thank you taking the time to put this video together.

  3. I subscribed to your channel. Thanks for all of these Excel tutorials, I was able to comprehend every details that you mentioned. Thanks for the clear and concise explanation

  4. b4 i came here i had zero experience in excel but after watching this tutorial video severally, i feel like the excel guru

  5. I really appricate the way you are doing , Great and Thank you very much . I learn something from your video what Iwas scared of until now . I am enjoying .Thanks again .

  6. Thank you so much after a long career break I am now trying to my career started again and these videos are fantastic and a great tool learn the tools and skills you used to have all over again. I really like Excel I think its such an interesting data base much more interesting than the word processor I think.

  7. I should have researched this earlier but I'm super pleased with your video. You're an excellent teacher. And yes I watcted the beginner video.

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