Install WordPress Manually | FTP Database PhpMyAdmin

In this video I show you how to install wordpress manually. Filezilla is for copying files from your computer to your website. PhpMyAdmin is for managing your database where all the content of your website is stored. In this video we will connect the Files of the website with the database. WordPress is the tool that let them communicate with each other.

I use Siteground in this tutorial to display how to do it. It should also work using other webhosting providers.


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12 Replies to “Install WordPress Manually | FTP Database PhpMyAdmin”

  1. Hi Ferdy! I always create my databases for WordPress with PhpMyAdmin. I see you use MySQL. Is it better MySQL than PhpMyAdmin? Do you recommend it more for any reason? Thanks!

  2. How do they make WordPress websites for someone else(Customers/Friends etc) who is not very comfortable with computer?

    As in, the people who can't buy domain etc on their own before they can hand it over to you for development?

  3. Hi, Ferdy! It's very interesting to see your lessons and study to make websites. Are you still engaged in photography?

  4. Hi ferdy , at first thank you very much for your video i made my website following your videos but I have a problem I cant see my website good through phone ?is there s a way to have good show on phone ? Waiting you to answer me

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