Indochine Vietnamese Pho Restaurant Review by Spice King Keith Lorren

Spice King Keith Lorren reviews Indochine Vietnamese Restaurant in Baltimore Maryland.
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Video filmed by Chum Media


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0 Replies to “Indochine Vietnamese Pho Restaurant Review by Spice King Keith Lorren”

  1. Looks delicious… I know your reviews will be the best. Thank you for sharing ❤️ I want to see some reviews from New Orleans 😋

  2. Hello I'm a New Subscriber and I'm wondering where did you come from and why am I just finding you ‼️⁉️ Your channel is very interesting and intriguing and I'm excited to view more of your content. Be blessed and be great sir

  3. I heard her say it and you said it and I'm still not sure I heard it right. Did you order Chicken Funk or Chicken Fung? I was like was the chicken doing the funky chicken dance before it was made and that's how it got it's name? That crepe looked good and I like that they'd give you enough to make a second meal . The food does look really good

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