IELTS Writing VOCABULARY | SYNONYMS for Commonly Used Linking Words

Download PDF: IELTS Writing Task 2 Synonyms for Adjectives To get a Band 7+ Coherence and Cohesion score in IELTS Writing, you should use a range of linking words or transition(al) words. For this video I’ve prepared synonyms for linking words commonly used in IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 along with some examples.

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4 ways to avoid word repetition

Synonyms for common nouns used in IELTS Writing

IELTS Vocabulary playlist:

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31 Replies to “IELTS Writing VOCABULARY | SYNONYMS for Commonly Used Linking Words”

  1. Thank you Asia for everything you've done , after i watched all your videos especially the writing . My band score rose incridibly form 4 to 6 I'm really grateful

  2. I would like to have a one on one training on writing task and reading in general training also in speaking. Please help me out as i have test in 10 days time

  3. I just started to watch your couple of videos and I was looking for this stuff (and/but/or synonyms) also wishing if you have made any video on this subject and I found this 😍 ohhh tysm!!

  4. I would like to ask regarding the speaking part of IELTS. Is there any difference between how general and academic are scored? What I meant by this is: does band 7 in Academic have higher criteria to achieve than the general band 7 in speaking?

  5. I am not a native speaker and English is my second language. I always practice your methods of learning English. You are so cute and it makes me mesmerized when I watch your tutorials. Hope I will learn a plethora of technics to learn English and become a fluent English speaker.

    Please reply with corrections if I made any mistakes to write this comment. Love you and your slowly speaking style…..

  6. Hi Asiya, do you guys give training for general IELTS as well !? If yes, please provide me the contact information. Thank you in advance:)

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