I Draw Tom Hiddleston With An Eraser – DP Truong

I draw Tom Hiddleston With An Eraser.
I use charcoal powder to hit the surface of the paper , and then use an eraser to draw the whole picture .
Drawing Loki by Using an Eraser
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44 Replies to “I Draw Tom Hiddleston With An Eraser – DP Truong”

  1. Another amazing piece of art. I’m glad to see you’re getting noticed more and more every time I see a new video to see your subs jump a bit. Have a lovely day ahead! Also. To wherever else reads this? I hope you have a lovely day as well! 🙂

  2. First time I watched a unique artist and I can't understand why people's dislikes your vedios I feel bad for it but U r amazing love U from Pakistan 👍

  3. Dear boy
    I've never seen so much talent in a boy !!!!
    You are unique in your techniques and I am always struck by your skill ….. a TRUE ARTIST, UNIQUE …. I stay, every time I see your representation, without words, stunned by so much skill …. congratulations

  4. Wow two much hard.
    Need subscribers friend…is that any available 😋😋😋
    See this if u like please do subscribe

  5. Wow your art is just crazy. I love seeing how you come up with different ways to draw. I'm also an artist myself using ms paint. If you would check it out that would mean a lot to me.

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