I Draw Like A Printer ( Drawing Will Smith ) – DP Truong

Drawing Will Smith . Gemini man 2019 . I Draw Like A Printe .
Many people say that I can draw as if I were a printer. However, I think I still don’t paint like a real printer. Today I’m going to draw the same way a printer does. .
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0 Replies to “I Draw Like A Printer ( Drawing Will Smith ) – DP Truong”

  1. Haha! I get it .That is the latest Japanese tech called human hand printer. It prints in an awkward fashion and even skips some parts to print then again completes them. Can't trick me😎😎

  2. Nice! But to make it more realistic you should’ve stopped in the middle, got the paper stuck, then torn the paper and waited a week for your kid to come home and fix it! And then try again!

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