Huawei P30 Pro Review: 2019 Camera King!

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Some phone cameras have superhuman night vision. Others impress us with ultrawide or telephoto options, or beautiful computational portraits. With the P30 Pro, Huawei is aiming for all of the above. So is this the best phone camera of 2019?
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23 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro Review: 2019 Camera King!”

  1. I feel sad. My Huawei P30 pro front camera sucks. 😔😔 My P20 pro even makes better pictures. Looks like I got P30 pro with some issues.

  2. I bought a Huawei P 30 pro and the photos this phone takes are the best ive seen. I took some photos at my friends wedding and the wedding photogapher was so impressed he was asking for my photos.

  3. i personally disagree on the title…im not saying this is not a good camera, but for me the best picture must point and click not all the gimmicks you have to do on this particular phone to get a nice pic(im referring to the part where you must keep steady for the picture to get sharpened,or the part where you have to do all kind of adjustments preparing the camera,blah, blah, blah)…i had this phone less than a week before i got back to my loyal pixel 2 XL where i get amazing pictures just opening the camera apk.
    anyways,its just my opinion…ill be triying tho the samsung S10+ this days…not giving a try to huawei i n a very looooooong time.

  4. YES, this is exactly what worries me. @7:12. I tried it in the store and noticed how bad the quality is at 3-4x until it switches to the telephoto lens. In reality, how often do you really need 5x?

  5. Best in Zoom… Yes.
    Night mode… Yes.
    Camera King… No.
    Better than S10+… No.

    I bought this Phone while my brother bought the S10+ and I'm so jealous. Overall the S10+ is the winner.

  6. This phone is bad
    And not deserve to pay money for it
    Very bad screen
    Very bad sound
    No headphone Jack
    Only zoom and night mode camera other mode is bad

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