22 Replies to “How to Unlock Bootloader HTC One M7, M8, M9, HTC 10 (All Models)”

  1. hey brother emailing me your email i want to send to you my tekon so as to get unlock file because am failed [gives error on registration] but i found a program that helps me to get tekon unlock file

  2. Sir help me.
    When I am trying to unlock bootloader of my htc one m8 from htcdev. And i upload code.bin. Command prompt says, remote: not allowed
    Sir what should i do to solve this problem?

  3. Hello, I have HTC M9 with the following problem..Mobitel is running the HTC logo white background and then it restarts and so does not stop not raising the system. I tried to get back to factory settings via the recovery menu but get my error on the cellphone. .Bootloader is locked and can not activate usb debugging to unlock it so it could help me — Thanks and apologize for bad english ..

  4. when I download unlock bin file it's downloading in vlc format and I'm getting error in cmd is there any solution for this bin. thing

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