How to take care baby teeth, doctor examines teeth for baby, how to brush teeth for baby

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Baby is fond of candies and lollypops. baby health care. We all know consuming excess of candies can cause dental problems. Our adorable Baby has experienced a severe toothache while she was having lollypop. Take her to dentist as mom is busy in gym. Be with so that she does not cry seeing the dental instruments used by doctor. Help cute princess in following doctor’s advice to maintain dental hygiene.

Baby toothache
Baby is busy playing with her favorite toys. She enjoys her lollypop and suddenly starts crying, pressing her cheeks. Its seems she is having some dental problem. Take her to dentist immediately.

Baby at dental clinic
Awe! Our little angel is having severe toothache. She is at the dental clinic for the treatment. Be with to give her a moral support while dentist is treating her

Baby dental procedure
Thank god! has got little relief from severe toothache. But still few more steps of treatments are yet to be completed. Help dentist in completing them. Also follow the instructions given by dentist to maintain complete oral care.

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