How To Install Better Android TV Launcher

Android TV Launchers allow you to control your streaming device and open applications.
Most Android TV Boxes come with launchers that aren’t very good.
Or, you don’t like the new sponsored row on Android TV systems.
This tutorial will teach you how to install and configure a better Android TV Box launcher.
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27 Replies to “How To Install Better Android TV Launcher”

  1. For the ATV Launcher FREE app, is the install/setup process the same as far as making it default launcher ?….I tried to do it but it seem to go back to the "built-in" app, even though ATV Launcher is set as default.

  2. Hi I'm using a mx9 pro and like you said in your vid my home page will not let me add kkplayer (kodi) to the start up. I've been through settings to see if kkplayer will let me have the option to add to home but it doesn't. What would you suggest.

  3. I currently have a ROKU STREAMING PLUS STICK and a FIRE STICK 4K , and here are my issues, i hope you can help me out and make some videos about these:

    – The roku streaming stick is practically useless, since i want to use it to watch live tv, but that piece of junk doesn't even have any options for it, neither i have found how to manually add them, etc… the only possitive thing i can say about this device is, that i can connect my phone easily to the tv via this device, easier than the fire stick. (want some simple and free methods, don't want to pay for any online cable service).

    – The fire stick 4k works so far for live tv, but i haven't found a method or way to actually watch channels on this, i don't care if the quality of channels is low, but i need them to load fast.

    This is why im doing some research about an android tv stick.

  4. You start by showing the free version in Playstore which contains adds then demo the pro version …How misleading is that?

  5. My X96 is not keeping the home screen Atv default went I turn off the box and turn it back on it default back to the other luncher

  6. I did this on t95q and it works good although my cache cleaner app is now gone. I can’t find it. Do you know where it could have went?

  7. Boss I have purchased h96 max can't install any TV launcher shows can't install sideload doesn't work shows parsing error

  8. hey do you know how to dl straight to an external drive in Morpheus? when I go into it's settings it doesn't see the usb I have connected

  9. I have H96 Max X2 Android 8.1. Every time I try to download any launcher from anywhere. All other APK install without error. Only on launchers do I get "There was a problem parsing the package" error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. tried running ATV Launcher Pro on the 4K firestick, unfortunately the accessibility option has been blocked by the latest Fire OS update so running Launcher Hijack is out.

  11. I use a Shield. After using a Firestick and H96.  The Shield is solid and stable no issues. Troy you should focus on the Shield, the other stuff just doesn't stack up. When I set up a streaming device for friends, its only a Shield now. I got tired of being bothered every other week because the stick or Chinese box stopped working.

  12. Have a Q plus android 9.0 box, downloaded and set launcher in default apps , home app , but everytime unit is power cycled and restarted it always starts up with media box launcher…..anyone tried one of these boxes or know what could be wrong? I have multiple other old mateicom gbox q2 that followed same steps and they are always come back to third party launcher either from power cycle or otherwise .. thanks in advance for any help

  13. On the Nvidia Shield…if I have chosen to always use ATV but for whatever reason I would like to temporarily go back to the default Nvidia launcher, how is that done?

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