How to Fill Comboboxes (DropDowns) In Userforms or Worksheets – BOTH WAYS! Excel VBA Is Fun

Learn to Master Comboboxes (Drop Downs) in a few simple steps. This is way better than data validation in cells, because you can type the first few letters or numbers and it will autoselect. You can, however type something NOT on the list if you wish and that can work too! Super awesome, super easy, check it out!

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43 Replies to “How to Fill Comboboxes (DropDowns) In Userforms or Worksheets – BOTH WAYS! Excel VBA Is Fun”

  1. Hello sir, maybe you can help me, I have worksheets 1,2 and 3 in it is on every data sheet they all look the same, I want to create a user form that can say on top of which sheet I am below I want a name look up below that I want to look up the data in columns 3 and 4 start from row 3 this for all 19 players, can you give me an example, can you help me?

  2. Dear sir, I found the explanation interesting, maybe you can help me on the way, if you have a dropdown on your Excel sheet you can also enter the same VBA code or make sure it ends up on a certain cell. Can you do two dropdown with interconnecting, making sure by conditional. I still have many questions regarding VBA, do you want to help me?

  3. how to create searchable dropdown list in userform….i have many data in row 1 in my worksheet, its time consuming to select. plz help

  4. Although you are a little fast (but that is what the pause button is for, right) THANK YOU does not even cover how I am feeling so grateful at the moment. I have watched probably 20 different tutorials today, and yours is the only one that has gotten my anywhere. Thank you for spending the time in making this video.

  5. I have a print command button on a userform but I don't want the command buttons to show when I print the form. Is that possible and would you consider a training video for this? Great videos, thanks!

  6. Hello. Would you please be able to tell me how to list and set custom share point properties for excel files that are on a Share Point using VBA? For example when I created SharePoint library I added custom properties such as Reviewed? , Remediation Complete? and IAM Accepted?. These properties can be set on SharePoint for each file. I want do this using VBA. Thanks!

  7. Hi thanks for the tutorial. 😊 is there a way to search-as-you-type in the combobox? I have a thousand items on the list, and i need the combobox to 'suggest' items regardless if the typed text is on the beginning middle or end of the text on the list.

    For example: i have items float glass, glass beads, sunglasses, ceramic tiles, abrasive on the list. If i type 'glass' it will show those three items with glass on it.
    My combobox is searching through the first letter of the string only. I'm a newbie in programming so i have no idea how to do it. Thank you in advance

  8. Dan, great video, I was looking for a tip like this to improve a program I am working on. Keep the good work!!

  9. It is possible to do this without using a macro to populate the drop down menus, though it does take up some of the cells in the spreadsheet. For the example try entering the following formulae:
    C2 : =IF(B2=TRUE,1,0)
    D2: =COUNTIF($C$2:C2,1)
    E2: =A2
    F2: =1
    G2: =IFERROR((VLOOKUP(F2,D:E,2,FALSE)),"")
    Then hilight C2 to G2 and copy these 5 columns down. Ensuring that column F now shows 1,2,3,4,5…
    Set column G as the named range and tie this to the combo box. The items shown in the named range will only be those that have a True status
    Replace the word TRUE in the above (column C) with an absolute cell reference eg. =IF(B2=$I$1,1,0). Try typing FALSE into I1. The drop-down will now show only the values with a status of false.
    This allows nested drop down menus (ie. a drop down powering the selection criteria of a second drop down).

  10. Hi Dan, I have a problem creating a code for attaching photos, i try it but still not a concrete way because i use a lot of active button. I hope you can help me and i really appreciated alot. I have a check list on sheet 1. means lots of raw and column. each raw have an item number 1 up to 100 example. item 1 in range k2 i use to type all the photo number. which 1 up to 8 photo max. and item 2 in range k3 i only have 3 photo, in item 3 in range k4 have 6 photo. and so on. In Sheet 2 i have to attached all the photo with the same designated reference item number simultaneously if you click the button. The photo will be attach with in the certain range of cell. like from A5:F16 only. With in that range the photo will be resize automatedly to fit in it. Example if only 1picture the size is (150×145), if 2picture the dimension is (135×125) and so on up to 8 photo max to be attach in each item number. I hope you can help me to decode a command in one click of a button. Thank you & very appreciated.

  11. I think this is the code I'm looking for but not sure.  Say if I select an item from a list in my dropdown list and I want to populate text boxes on the form with the information from the worksheet in the same row but different columns.  Exmp.  Select Betty from dropdown list then  I want the text boxes each to populate with her class, instructor, grade, and GPA at the same time.  These are all column headings in the worksheet and the students are in the first column.

  12. Theme song and microphone volume are unbelievably unmatched. Them song almost busts speakers.LOL  try to adjust if possible.

  13. Hey for some reason my properties window doesn't have a rowsource property? is there another way to achieve the same result? 

  14. I have a excel sheet that has two comboboxs. the first one combobox1 loads values from Col A. What I need to do is depending on what the text is in the adjacent Col B for that selection load combobox2 with Col A from a named sheet. So I have 4 items that will load into the first box Apples, Bananas, Pears, Grapes and I have sheets named Apples, Bananas, Pears, Grapes. So If someone picks Apples the second box will be loaded with all the things in the Col A of Apples sheet. I have several versions of attempts I have made but can not get everything to work. Any help will be appreciated.

  15. Can I possibly email you a combo box problem I have? If yes, please let me know whats the best email to get you on. Many thanks

  16. Yes, Amey, I have an other video teaching on the dynamic ranges, but in this I wanted to get right into how one fills the comboboxes. Thanks! Oh and can't wait to see your projects. Have a great one!! Dan

  17. Thanks, Dan , it was the same thing which I want to tell you and even we can create an expandable range by first creating dynamic name range through offset function and then adding row source into it. I have also done so many projects in excel using vba and shortly I am going to open my youtube channel . I will inform all things about that later. Please do watch. Thanks again

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