how to draw Xitrum and Smurfette [the Smurfs] coloring

how to draw Xi trum and Smurfette [the Smurfs] coloring
lớp vẽ thầy quỳnh, luyện thi vẽ vào đại học kiến trúc, mỹ thuật, khối v – h
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23 Replies to “how to draw Xitrum and Smurfette [the Smurfs] coloring”

  1. nice work!! this is really good! the colors are really amazing!! definitely SUBSCRIBING to your channel now!! 🙏👍👊🏼

  2. Hi, Fantastic video Big 👍43 from us, and we Joined your Amazing Channel we really enjoyed watching. Thank you so much for sharing, my Friend…🔔😘💗Let's be friends 🔔🤝

  3. Very lovely! I loved the smurfes when I was a kid 😃
    Thank you for remembering me ☺️
    Good drawing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Awesome!!! This reminds me of my sister, she used to draw this for us… loved the music too. Always count on us for Full View and thank you for sharing

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