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  1. Thanks for the tutorial.I have a question.
    It searches and displays results only for the exact words that you type. How could I set it up to search independently from diacritics. For example : I would type:"Maria" and it would find me both results "Maria" (without diacritics) and also "Mária" (with diacritics)

  2. Hello Sir, In dropdown list click on that list will be open or keyboard shortcut alt+down arrowkey but I want to open dropdown list when i press keyboard enter instead of alt+down arrowkey, please help me, thanks

  3. Thanks for the demonstration.
    I have a question, how can we create a filter using this combobox? I mean for example when we choose any country from the list, the rows that have that text as their country appears only?

  4. Very cool video Pradip,

    but what if i need to add new countries to the list? do i need to the " remove duplicated again e select the data once more or there is the possibility to make it automaticaly

  5. It is a great video, Thank you for posting. I am struggle to build a time sheet for all the employees with a searching criteria, to avoid the massive copy an paste of the table(where I put the working time). Trying to divide the info into panels, so this way i search on the top and show me the details down below, but it is taking me quite a while to figure out the best way in term of options.(Used the combo box already on top). 🙂

  6. Thank you for your response.  

    I have a simple Excel worksheet where I record all my issued cheques with cheque numbers, amount, date and payee names.  

    There are many payees to choose from and rather then typing the whole name, I would like to choose the payees from a list of payees.  However, I would like this through combox box throughout my worksheet so that for each record (row) I could just type the initial letters of a payee and then pick the matching payee name.  

    List box is not good enough as there might be a long list of payees and that would be right hassle to choose from a long list.

    Thank you.


  7. very well explained.  However, how do I apply this to entire sheet so for example how do I do it for the next entry and so on?  Also, i would like to type in the initial letters so that it finds the rest…. Thanks Qas

  8. Hi Pradip:

    Your creation of the combo box is very well explained.  I am an Excel software instructor, but have never broached the topic of forms, but hope to be training this subject in the near future.  That being said I have a question that shows that maybe I really don't understand what this combo box is for.  Could you please explain the eventual use of the results.

    In your video you built the box and then placed the index formula on top of the database of records to make the corresponding number come out as text.  That is great, but what does that really do for us?  I was hoping you could take that formula and pick from it to place the relative text value into records that do not yet have the information from the drop down list we have created in the combo box.


    Steve Nadel

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