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  1. now I understand why you have this beautiful smile…so your love with dentistry started in North India…I live In South India but I am not Indian… next time you plan to visit India make a video about it ….in early 2000's there was not Youtube lol…( I started following you on IG).. you are very beautiful, mature intelligent and soft spoken…. Sol Means Sun in my language…the Sun Always Shine

  2. سلام تو روح من ، احساس می کنم کاسه ای خالی ، مانند بازیکنی که هرگز به هدف خود نرسید ، سلام تو روح من ، زندگی در این بازار بزرگ تنهاست ، تمایل غیرقابل تحقق برای رسیدن به سالن ناهار خوری ، سلام تو روح من ، لطفاً پیمایش شاعرانه را ببوسید ، و عروسک من باش ، سول تو روح من …

  3. What’s that bird saying is that I need to go and get my jaw X-ray, you wanna something else to study for your team I want to fix it before we fly back and can you offer me your vlog times to make eating better possible I do hate doctor buh this time I have to be fixed and my mouth stink and u know what it mean « a man without a kiss is nothing like a man anymore I been trying so hard to reach this far buh now have no idea remains just scared there’s no one next to me if the treatment need company I hope your team would help…
    Have a blessed day Doc.

  4. Sometimes you are open , sometimes you are closed , sometimes you are smart , like London’s fresh tart , sometimes you long hair catches attention , other times your lovely lips flatters the tension , you are mindful like music which heals , with energy to make others refill , seeing you makes someone lost in your physical beauty, yet your mesmerising smile makes heart realise the inner duty , yourself should often smile , as one gets immense inspiring energy to crawl and dive , the life doesn’t stop for anyone , for it is the beautifull and exquisite motion with barrier none, truth is what lies beneath , lie itself is a truth and none has power to steal ,
    What’s meant for us becomes us , there is nothing without perfect blend of truth and lie ,for both exists as triumph in life, just like your lovely hair and your eternally beautiful smile.

  5. Hi sol please tell me which dental clinic do you work in Sheffield?bc I wanna change my dental clinic and register with the new one.thank u so much

  6. Soul, you are dam gorgeous gurl.. out of all of your sisters you have amazing teeth.. I was watching Persian Bunny's vlog .. Just happened to come across it and saw you I felt wow! hope shes got a vlog coz you not added on at the bottom in Persian Bunny's vlog.. so had to do a search on you.. Please give us tips on looking after your teeth, e.g sensitive teeth and teeth whitening and veneers please

  7. hey sol
    i'm happy that randomly i watched ur video , and inspired by what u did. i'm 27 and have started uni in abroad and felt what u said by heart, still i'm not in love like u with my major but is OK still i feel fantastic because i am where i wanted to be… like to be ur frienddddd … let me know if u came to Berlin

  8. سولماز جونم وقتی اومدم لندن اینا دیگه زندگی مشترکمونو شروع کنیم هیچ فکر کار برای منو کردی تو که دکتری پس من چی😕

  9. Dear Friend Sol,
    My honest suggestion for such a nice person like you, while recording your videos is try to maintain sound effects a bit louder which can be heard easily. Nice to have a friend who is doctor from whom a lot can be learnt by myself also. I am fortunate to have an Iranian friend like you. Thanks..!
    Your Indian friend,
    @ umesh choudhari

  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!- I can’t believe I’ve come across this wonderful super helpful outstanding channel!!!!!!!!

    I have watched almost all your videos. I can honestly watch and listen to you everyday. Maybe consider doing pharmacy related podcasts haha:)

    I am a pharmacy student myself and I sincerely utterly need help, please.

    I beg you create videos every single day or at least 4 every week.

    Can you do more on pharmacy related video on tips and advice on how YOU particularly revise, how you have prepared yourself from 1st year till now and have this much knowledge.

    I feel I have worked so hard but forget almost all the stuff year by year and I ask myself to do I do pharmacy to pass the exam or do I study at uni to study the content.

    Please give us some tips on how to memorise the content.

    Can you do a step by step video on how you memorise the drugs, how to use the BNF, how you apply your knowledge to questions?

    Can you do a video on how you learnt your personal formulary?

    How do you arrange your time in pre-reg?

    There’s a youtuber called Persian Babe or @abraham-the-pharmacists on how she revised for the Pre-reg exam. Can you do a video like that please?

    If there is any way that I can contact, you please let me know like LinkedIn or email please.

    Can you talk us though oriel, MMIs, situational judgment tests, interviews?

    How to do well at them?

    What have you done during your summer holiday during your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year ; be it pharmacy related or not?

    How does one increase their language fluency like yourself like communication skills?

    Do you recommend us pharmacy students doing an MCA (medicine counter assistant course?)

    What sort of books did you use during your years of course? Can you it name it all and the ones that really helped you? And do you recommend any now please?

    If you had to go back in your first, second, third and fourth year what would have changed about yourself in terms of revision techniques, study behaviour, work ethic, habits?Other than the BNF, online, medicines complete, EMC, NICE guidlines, what other websites did you? Because as you know pharmacy is not about knowing everything but also knowing where to get the information from.

    I feel like there’s a a lot of information out there, be it university resources, books, lectures, teachers, but there isn’t any guidance for us to get to our destination through the smartest route. I have worked so hard, but I want to know the smartest route to become a pharmacist. And I feel like you are a gift from God, with all the knowledge you have you can help us student so much.

    I believe the most important thing is right direction and I feel you can really support us in that matter.

    Omg ! you never know whose life you can’t touch.

    I cannot thank you enough. I feel like you are one of the best youtubers out there and should have at least a million subscribers.

  11. your voice is so relaxing specially with birds on the background. you are the cutest. you and I are same age. and I think we could have make good friends if I lived in London. how ever I live in toronto 🙂

  12. پدر شما چقدر تو ایران پول دزدیده که همچی زندگی دارید شما غیر ممکن از راه درآمد سالم به اینجا رسیده باشید

  13. So inspiring Sol and what a great attitude to life! Loving your videos and positive motivation.. something we all need to hear and be reminded off constantly. Love xx

  14. Sol jonnn, there is a magic in your voice, I can listen to you and do meditation, lucky sepi and sayna for having you, God bless you and keep hard working azizammm 💗💗💗

  15. Can you make a video about your experience during exams and studies how did you manage and succeed? 🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️

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