how i make aesthetic wallpapers!

hey everyone!

i got SOOOOO many requests after my “what’s on my iphone” video to make a tutorial for the NICHI app that i showed. i make all my wallpapers using this app, and i figured it would be helpful to all those who asked for me to do a quick video showing how i go about it! this is NOT sponsored btw idk anyone from NICHI i just like the app LOL

and i’m sorry again to android users 🙁 i hear “picsart” is a good alternative? maybe try that! but idk any more info than that since i’ve never had an android

hope you all enjoyed this quick video, and thank you for watching!

all my uwus,

p.s. #stanitzy

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– “dalla dalla” (piano cover) by doopiano



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45 Replies to “how i make aesthetic wallpapers!”

  1. Hey everyone!!! A ton of people have been asking for me to post my wallpapers, and I do! They’re all on my instagram @/milkybujo under the “wallpaper” highlight on my profile. I post wallpapers for all different idols so check there!

    I do NOT take requests though so please don’t message me asking for one. I get so many it wouldn’t be fair for me to make some for you and not for others, and I unfortunately don’t have the time to fulfill all requests. Hope you understand! I’ll try my best to make a lot for a variety of idols though ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و

  2. Memang terbaik lah app GB Whatsaap nie.. aq dah try.. memang terbaik… No handfon aq yg dh lme menghilng dgan adenye GB whatsaap memg terbaik.. thank banyak2

  3. I have the app, but it’s literally not doing anything and just saying some Chinese/Japanese. So confused :/ . Still love the vidddd!!

  4. cough so i may or may not have jammed out to the bgm and didn’t pay attention to the tutorial… anyways stan itzy :))

  5. This is very helpful. Incase we reacch 10000 subscribers. I will definitely have a giveaway. But that is impossible I think.

  6. Thank you for sharing this! Whenever I see these kinds of collages, I feel so inspired to create one of my own 😍

  7. I’m always excited for your next videos. One video you did about your travel journal which inspired me to do one that I started today. So far I’m not happy but what I’ve done but slowly will get there x Thank you for posting such amazing video. I feel like my creative juice has come back to me after so long.

    Also the video I do love how you go through many filters and techniques as your photos amazing

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