Galaxy Note 10+ Review: Samsung Phones In A Winner

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In a vacuum, the Galaxy Note 10+ is a no-brainer of a buy, with a feature list longer than almost any smartphone’s and an eight-year legacy of almost universal hits propping it up. But you shouldn’t buy phones in a vacuum; you should buy them in context. And what’s more, a lot has changed since the first Galaxy Note rolled off the assembly line in 2011. When you consider how good the competition has gotten at the $700 and even $400 price points (the OnePlus 7 Pro and Google Pixel 3a, respectively) the Galaxy Note 10+ suddenly has to work a lot harder to justify its $1100 tag. I’ve been using the Note 10+ for seven days; join me for the MrMobile review!
MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review was produced following eight days with a Galaxy Note 10+ review sample provided by Samsung. The device was tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston and New York City, USA. MrMobile does not produce paid or sponsored reviews; Samsung was not offered copy approval and no compensation was requested or provided at any time before, during or after the review production process.
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45 Replies to “Galaxy Note 10+ Review: Samsung Phones In A Winner”

  1. Hey for once I actually found the wallpaper I used for the review footage! This is called Chroma Flow, by Kxnt, and it's available on the Backdrops app (check the Google Play Store). It's, like, my favorite wallpaper in a long time.

  2. Cant compare this beast to a iPhone at all the note 10+ is on another level battery display build design performance features are the best and last but not least the spen and the things you can do with it

  3. Is it impossible to get rid of the bottom bezel? Every single phone has a tiny bottom bezel?????
    Why not just cram in a camera in a tiny top bezel and have zero bottom bezel? Is that so hard to do?

  4. Nobody needs your recommendation samsungs sells millions of phones every year and on the android side there's no competition!

  5. The Note is all about value. The iPhones is all about streamlined consistent worry free experience. I think for my next phone I’ll try the s11. (Xs max user)

  6. What's the name of the video where you're using the note 10 plus for the making an entire video? (sorry for my degusting English)… Your videos are still awesomeness

  7. Two things I will definitely miss is the heart rate sensor and headphone jack … they bashed apple for it then turned around and copied them

  8. i don't understand why everbody cries over no headphone jack where everything is getting "wireless" if you can afford a $1100 smartphone im sure you can buy a $130 wireless buds too.

  9. My note 10 plus came with the AKG earbuds that u plug in the USB – C port. But I use the hell out of my note 10 plus and have ever since Friday morning when i got two of them me n my fiancee both got one. She got the note 10 plus 256 gig i got the note 10 plus 512 gig both Aurora glow and damn they beautiful. I ended up buying her a 512 gig SD card so she is at over 700 gig of storage sitting in hers I bought another 512 sd but haven't installed it yet cause I honestly don't think I need it now lol.. but I'm a power user iv already done the atutu bench and I made a 361,800 + score and yes that was my score if you see it lol

  10. Love your style of narration, and the overall way you present a phone. It was actually better to get the negativity out of the way, then let us know what is great about #SamsungNote10.

  11. I've seen Million of views in some shit reviews of some tech youtuber who only talks how they don't use the S Pen. I dunno man I really feel you don't get the views you deserve. But none the less, for me you are the best tech reviewer ever existed.

  12. Can you show a side be side of the scanner being slower??
    I have it being just as fast..and it dont take a monkey to know where to place my thumb

    Go to Sakitech for true review!

  13. Serious question, who actually pays the sticker price for an android phone? they are always on sale even before they're released. Smh.

  14. The S pen is awesome. I just do not understand how Samsung missed that opportunity for their tablets. They should have doubled downed on it long before Apple introduced the Apple Pencil.
    Now the Tab…whatever they call it is too little too late, the ship has already sailed…

  15. If this phone had in IR Blaster…..I would pay that 1100 instead of waiting for the Note 9's price to go down further.

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