Fully Dynamic List in Combobox of VBA

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In this video you will learn how to create a Fully Dynamic List in Combobox of VBA.

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33 Replies to “Fully Dynamic List in Combobox of VBA”

  1. hi thank you so much great video

    im having a run time error with this code

    n = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(Me.txtSupervisor.Value, sh.Range("1:1"), 0)

  2. Hi An Excel Expert, i learned a lot and i am following your tutorials, just curious whats the formula because at 9:50 the video got blurry hope you can help me or any one can help me with this. ty

  3. hello, wornderful tutorial.. Love your command over Excel and VBA.
    I have one question. What, if i want to display the first item of the 2nd category list depending on the the main category chosen above? kindly explain.

  4. please help me "run time error 5" invalid procedure call or argument *
    For i = 2 To Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(sh.Cells("1,n").EntireColumn)

  5. Sir
    I have an excel sheet, column A has dates and column B to J has other data. I want to create a combobox which shows those months which first date to end date available in Column A .
    Thanks in advance
    Please help me

  6. please help me that, can be possible that we can create searchable drop down list, without any formula, macro,vba, etc
    my email- raman3938@gmail.com

  7. Sir, can we will do this condition on sheet ActiveX control combo box on sheet without user form in excel please help and give me sample file on my email id

  8. Excellent work @PK: An Excel Expert, i want to extract data based on dependent drop down. i have prepared simmillar dash board using simple slicer, but i want to make a user form and extract data while i am gradually applying the filters with dependent dropdown. please help me with some guidance. an explaination would be more than i could ask. NIce work sir.

  9. Hi PK, good job, but can you do the same and eliminate the duplicates , exp: if the month or the year is repeated twice or more, it won't be shown on the comboBox, Thanks

  10. Thanks for this. What if the source of the table are not sorted and from different tab? Also it is also dependance to each other.


  11. Hi Good morning sir
    I have made one searchable drop down list.
    My question is if my data is X workbook and I want to create searchable drop down list in Y workbook. is it possible and how to do that?
    Can you help me on that

  12. sir ap say whatsapp per bat kar ni hay 03107076115 mera no hay time ho tu please content kar lay ap say kch help lay ni hay

  13. This video is very useful but when I m using this in my existing user form its showing unable to get the match property of the worksheet function class. Independent data is showing in combobox but when I using submit button this time the error is coming .can u suggest me for the solution.

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