Full IELTS Writing Task 2 essay | LINKING WORDS (Part 2. Coherence & Cohesion)

Learn how to use linking words in IELTS Writing Task 2. By the end of the video you will know what linking words you can use in different situation, how to use them correctly and get lots of examples. Download the full sample answer –
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IELTS exam preparation materials:

Online course – Mastering IELTS Writing Task 2 –

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Download the full sample answer –

Video – IELTS 5-step study plan

Video – IELTS Writing Vocabulary – How to avoid word repetition –

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40 Replies to “Full IELTS Writing Task 2 essay | LINKING WORDS (Part 2. Coherence & Cohesion)”

  1. First of all thank you so much for great videos for IELTS Students.. well , I am writing the comment as I noticed one spelling mistake when recording reaches at 00:33 second.
    You may like to check the spelling of appropriately It
    seems it is not right . you may like to review and rectify.

  2. I have a doubt. We need to mention the opinion in both introduction and conclusion or we need to state only once in introduction. Please reply friend.

  3. Mam, whatever i can say is less for your praise, But please can you make video/PDF about more linkin words for making complex sentences, such as although, even though, despite, in spite of, subsequently, henceforth and manymore.

  4. Hi Asiya, should there be comma after dear sir……..yours sincerely…….etc in writing task 1. I am told these are not allowed in IELT. Pls reply. Also tell pls if there are some more effective words/phrases to replace the word conclusion and letter

  5. Hey!!! I did my IELTS yesterday, thank you so much for the videos, they actually asked me "What is your favorite wild animal?" In the speaking haha! And I saw the video where you said they asked you that and I prepared for that question, I'm so lucky I found your videos. I'll let you know how I score! Crossing my fingers atm!

  6. Thank you for your toturial videos , but work on your TH pronunciation its obviously incorrect! It bothers me while listening to your videos.

  7. Hello Asya

    Can you please make this task as a PDF and put it in the description box to make it much easier to learn .

    Thanks a lot for your video and still waiting for the task 1 .

  8. Hello madam plz upload this easy band 9 becouse my exam is on 7 July same people believe that not only women but also all men should be entitled to the time off parental leave other people think that maternity leave is only women right discuss both views and give your own option

  9. Hello teacher and everyone! some seniors of mine are used to advising me not to use complex or advanced vocabulary like macabre, gamut, vilify, euphoria, amalgamate, utopia, mesmerize, surreptitiously and flunk e.c.t in my writing and speaking, even though I am applying all advanced vocabulary correctly and appropriately. Is there any problem in using advanced vocab in IELTS test?

  10. I think, if you add a writing summary on your lecture below the page. It will be more helpful for us. When you continuing your lesson, subtitle show very fast on the monitor. Thanks for your splendid study materials. Best of luck.

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