Full IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 SAMPLE ESSAY Band 9 | Bar Chart + Pie Graph

Here’s a full IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 Band 9 sample essay. The task contains two charts, a bar chart and a pie chart or graph, and was reported on one of the recent exams. In this video, you’ll see the full sample answer and learn how this essay meets requirements that IELTS examiners use to mark essays. Download sample answer –

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Online course – Fastrack IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 –

Download PDF – the sample answer –

Full IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay + PDF –

How to write an introduction – IELTS Task 1 vocabulary –

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38 Replies to “Full IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 SAMPLE ESSAY Band 9 | Bar Chart + Pie Graph”

  1. Hi guys! Did you like this lesson? Tell me in comments. And one more question. Do you find it easy to write 170-180-word essays? Or your essays tend to be too long/too short?

  2. My essays are always long and I find it difficult to narrate something in just one word. May be I need better vocabulary

  3. madam the line dominated the market in 2016 were thailand, china and canda which repectively imported …… i think in place of imported there should be exported

  4. I really appreciate the way you describe and make us understand easily the part 1. Today I'm gonna sit for the exam and the reason why I came to your video. Say me, best of luck. Love from Bangladesh. Keep going on.

  5. In body paragraph 1, could you please explain why did you use the word 'amount' instead of 'number'? Also, for paragraph 2, aren't the named countries supposed to export seafood instead of import? It says "by country of origin". Meaning – US imported the seafood, from these countries. Thus, these countries exported the seafood (not imported), to the US. Thank you! ps I love your videos, they are helpful!

  6. Hello. Your lessons are super. Just a though…US is importing but when you talk about other countries they are exporting to UK? Thank you.

  7. I appeared in the exam twice but i only attained 6.5 in writing I was not aware about these things till date what ever i saw i just wrote that directly …
    Thanks for such informational video

  8. I have a doubt… In body 1 you mentioned about ( the United States will receive approximately $2 billion fewer seafood products)

    Shouldn't we write (the United States will receive seafood products worth $2 billions fewer from abroad than it did in 2016.

    Please reply me to correct me

  9. (@_@) I thought there will be only single type of question like either pie , bar , diagram , table , etc.. individually , is it true that it can be asked In combinations as shown in tutorial??🙁

  10. In body paragraph 2 –
    The three countries that dominated the market in 2016 were China, Thailand and Canada, which respectively imported/exported 28%, 23% and 16% of the seafood.

    I believe it should be "exported" instead of imported as the pie chart shows imports in US from different countries.

    Please let me know if I am wrong or right at this.

  11. Hello mam ….thanks 4 ur lesson and I have a favor to ask that what on earth will go after ielts….
    I mean, what about the expenses, can i study abroad with scholarship? Pls answer me

  12. U did well but this isn't a good method of teaching because u didn't mention how and with which method you have written your overview

  13. It is well organized, and easy to understand for students like me.
    Should we follow same criteria for maps and diagrams?
    Please guide me.

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