Ford Focus ST 2020 Review – tested on road, ‘circuit’ and launched!

Introducing the all-new Ford Focus ST! The sporty brother to the family-friendly Focus rolls in with a 2.3-litre four cylinder turbo with 280hp, but that extra power doesn’t come cheap, coming in with a price tag of £32,000 – the same as a Civic Type R! So should you choose a Type R instead? Watch Mat’s latest review to find out!

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40 Replies to “Ford Focus ST 2020 Review – tested on road, ‘circuit’ and launched!”

  1. Top speed 279

  2. Maybe I'm the only one but Ford should have put the option of an automatic transmission like they do in the i30N, A45 and Honda Civic Type R… Manual transmissions are not meant for "performance" vehicles in my opinion, it's a whole lot of work pressing the clutch continously to change down especially in traffic

  3. Matt – I've been watching your video reviews for years and I feel that lately they are more style over substance. Your older reviews had quality content peppered with comic relief. These recent reviews feel like they're intended to be a comedy skit peppered with bits of a car review. It all feels a bit silly and overboard now and wish you would return to the older format of slightly more serious car reviews. I'm actually starting to tune into Autogefuhl nowadays when I want a proper review, sad to say!

  4. Does anybody know what changes ford did to the 2.3 from the old rs before putting it into this st?
    Thanks for helpful knowledge guys

  5. I love the Focus ST! I've driven a 2016 ST-3 in Race Red and it's an absolute blast! 250bhp doesn't sound like alot but it's absolutely insane! Love them. Noise is good too on the interior, the induction noise is awesome! But, still has the silly central exhaust and doesn't pop and crack. Other than that, love it, and yes, torque steer is a little bit of a pain.

  6. Hey reviewer watch this video you look so lame and stupid reviewing such a fast car with just a 1.5 3 liter turbo engine.

  7. Glad it is not going to the US….Ford overrated the power of their performance vehicles using 93/94 octane when 91 and 89 are the most common. Deduct 10-12hp for all Ford performance entries.

  8. The original Foc ST shared 65% with the Mazda 3, there is alot under hood, the chassis, manual transmission, etc. Now it finally looks nearly like a Mazda 3.

  9. Really have soft spot for the older focus st…a beautiful car, still think this new design looks to soft. Still very happy with my i30N, nothing stands out on the new focus that makes me feel I'm missing out…especially the price tag

  10. Great new agile ST but why is the interior all black & looking like a 18k car inside? If VW can do it why can’t one of the worlds biggest car company’s too?.

  11. If you have to pay £36,000 you want something that looks a bit special rather than a Ford Popular Plus from 1990. Ford have lost direction and rumours of them pulling out of Europe like Vauxhall/Opel abound. In essence, this car is dull, drab and overpriced.

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