Flying A Russian Low Cost Airline from Moscow to France on S7 Airlines

We have said our goodbyes to Russia and when searching where to go next…the cheapest flight was on the S7 low cost airline to the French Riviera.
p.s. it’s so good to be back in Europe 🙂 welcome to Nice everybody!
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0 Replies to “Flying A Russian Low Cost Airline from Moscow to France on S7 Airlines”

  1. Goodbye Russia – it was such an unforgettable trip – definitely want to return one day – where should we go if we do come back?

  2. S7 is NOT a budget airlines. As you don’t call British airlines a budget airlines despite they don’t serve free food for economy class passenger.

  3. Oh, your best series are definitely here, in Russia! I am dying to see more!!! Come again!!! You do it like nobody else can do it. Show it!

  4. Напишу на русском🇷🇺 коротко и ясно (не грубо🤣)S7 Airlines – не лоукостер. В России только один лоукостер – А/К «Победа», входящая в группу «Аэрофлот»😂✈️✈️✈️

  5. I think S7 is the BEST airline in Russia. But its is not a lowcoster. Its just a ordinary domectic airline here. If you want to lowcost – take a "Pobeda" but PLEASE for all gods in the world dont do it! 😀

  6. Never advise the europenians. They live in their stereotyped world and you will be just weird if you say different. Don't tell any bad about S7… Let them think it is the best our air lines

  7. очень смешно смотрится, что она свой багаж сама носит, с русской девушкой это нереально)

  8. Girl's cute. Big eyes, big smile, big thanks for visiting Russia. Hope you had a nice time outside the camera view angle.

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