Flight Review: Air France Premium Economy | 777-200ER, Mumbai to Paris | WORTH the EXTRA $?

After a fair few disappointing experiences on Air France, I had the chance to fly on a refurbished Boeing 777-200ER between Mumbai and Paris. There was definitive answer as to whether Premium Economy was an upgrade to Economy.
✈️ Flight Information:
Airline: Air France
Origin: Mumbai, India
Destination: Paris, CDG
Scheduled Time of Departure: 01:55
Scheduled Time of Arrival: 08:05
Flight Number: AF217
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Registration: F-GSPD
Seat: 12A
Aircraft Age: 20.4 years
Flight Distance: 4351Miles/7000 KM
Flight Rating: 8/10
Video Credit: This video shall not be used without permission and is copyright @Heathrow Flyer
Music: Andrew Appleby
Thanks to my dad for filming this!

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20 Replies to “Flight Review: Air France Premium Economy | 777-200ER, Mumbai to Paris | WORTH the EXTRA $?”

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  2. Hello! i booked exactly the same seat 12A economy premium for my trip in september. I would like to know if the wall behind the seat stops the back part from leaning its full capacity.
    thank you!

  3. You are the first comment I’ve read that said the seat was comfortable. Is the recline actually comfortable to sleep? I’m flying from Miami to Paris at the end of the month in Premium Economy

  4. LOL thats a joke ! … you only get 10cm more space for your legs and a bottle of water, that's it !! …same menu as in the economy class and you can´t even go into the buissenes lounge
    With one stopover in paris to bangkok ( with return flight ) in the premium eco costs 1300 euro, its expensive.. i thought u get much more but its not worth sorry

  5. You know very well I love your videos and your one of my first Inspirations for making reports on YT.Its just that I cant comment on all videos because i wonder what words should I use.So I just give a like and Slip..But I keep learning from you.

    Thanks again bruh !
    #Proudsubscriber #Fanboy

  6. I don´t think I would pay more just for a lil bit more legroom, if I want a real nice experience Business or to save money normal economy. Anyway, good overview on your flight.

  7. Lovely trip report. Not a fan of AF but their Premium Economy Class looks so awesome, especially the seat. Personally I think it's worth the money for the upgrade to Premium Economy.

  8. AF is not one of my favorites since I had bad experiences in their economy class.Premium one looks better though.Great report

  9. OK, that Mumbai terminal is absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn't mind flying regular economy on Air France at all (or any major airline for that matter), so I never upgrade anyway. As long as there's food, I'm good! LOL

    – Red

  10. I know that many people are not fans of the hard shell style seat used by AF in premium but I personally love the idea that when the person in front reclines its not an issue. Also loved the look of the terminal in Mumbai! Great video.

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