21 Replies to “Fake Zippo Lighter. (Constantine)”

  1. Zippo lighters are made in Bradford PA only…not in Japan.
    Both lighters are fake…..look at the bottem or view the video "how Zippo`s are made".

  2. Not Fake at all, I suggest you do a lot more research on Zippo Lighters, and also watch the How it's made videos on here and you will get more information.

  3. It's not a fake, but it's not an American made Zippo. The Constantine one is a model prop made for the movie. The real one doesn't say Constantine on top, or at all. It is the St. Benadict model. Supposed to be over $100.

  4. Dude your just a Zippo hater they are made in Bradford PA I have one but I'm gonna use it to grill out and start campfires

  5. Just for all Constantine fans, the writing is Latin and roughly translates to " And the world become a bidding of justice."

  6. hey fuck you need to queit making "Fake"  oh wait its real because it looks exactly like a real one ad  zippo makes different zippo types of lighters dummy

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