F1 2019 France Qualifying Review – The Return of McLaren

F1 2019 Canada Qualifying Review. Hamilton topped the time sheets, with a stunning lap to put him in first place, Bottas was a close second place, with Charles Leclerc rounding out the top 3.
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0 Replies to “F1 2019 France Qualifying Review – The Return of McLaren”

  1. As far as I am concerned, if Alonso was to return to McLaren, they'd fall back down. He is toxic to any team that he has been in, which I hate to say because he talent was incredible but his time has come and gone. McLaren can no rebuild

  2. Glad I put Sainz and Norris in my Fantasy League for this weekend. I am hoping McLaren can do just as well in the race. Track temperatures are going to be really hard on the tires tomorrow. Should mix up the field even more and I expect some lock ups and lots of square tires by the end of it all. Haas and Racing Point have fallen off the map, along with Alfa. The mid field is a mess. Norris is my DOTD.
    #24465 F1/E Fantasy League = 1162 points

  3. Kubica 1.2 second from DNQ..Looks like Williams will be outside 107% time in Hungary, Singapore, Mexico and possibly Silverstone unless they improve.

  4. "That's it Lewis. Get in there mate. WELL DONE!" says his engineer, while the salty haters bemoan his come from behind again success. "But, there's still hope Valtteri might win tomorrow," they squeal & snort like pigs.

  5. It really should be noted that both McLarens and Ricciardo went through Q2 on medium tyres! They are way ahead of the midfield this race as far as one lap pace is concerned.

  6. I think bottas really underestimated Hamilton after his initial turn of form.Reality seems to be sinking in as to the enormity of his task. He looked distraught sitting there pre interview post qualyfying

  7. Maybe Haas could get Alonzo to drive and he and Steiner go at each other over team radio about how f*ed up the car is. It would be entertaining, demented and sad, but still entertaining

  8. Did you hear what Vettel had to say to his engineer? I don’t know if he was frustrated or just defiant. Noris did a stellar job. Wonder how Renault feels right now that a non manufacturing team is doing better.

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