24 Replies to “[ENGSUB] IDOL ROM EP28 – Fromis_9 and LOONA”

  1. oh que me cae mal esa culia de puntas rosadas bueno todo fromis me cae mal son tan lucidas algunas hate fromis; Loona te amo 🇨🇱 #stanloona

  2. I watched this a while ago before I had a fromis_9 bias, and I just rewatched it now I do have a bias (seoyeon), and I think they only thing she said was her introduction? I know she isn’t the most confident member but she isn’t really shy, they should’ve realised that she hadn’t done much and given her something to do. Idk just my opinion but it made me quite sad that she didn’t get much screen time 🤷‍♀️

  3. Just come back to this show to watch interaction between Loona and Fromis_9. And people still salty on what happen here? Seriously. How much time do you need to get over it. Its not a big deal. Move on!

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