Elf x Nabela Noor Collaboration Review *Exposed

Hey guys it’s Nicole Yermanos and in today’s video I am going to be doing a review on the Elf x Nabela Noor Collaboration. Is this collection an amazing deal for $35, or is it low quality products, meaning why it is cheap in the first place! Lets find out.

I always want to support Influencers but in this video I shared my HONEST opinions on the collection.

source: https://marishka-moi.com/

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19 Replies to “Elf x Nabela Noor Collaboration Review *Exposed”

  1. seriously 😐,i think you have some personal issue with her,thats the reason i guess you doing this & this kind shit of talking..you should need to learn makeup properly 1st than come & judge & give a review..

  2. @Nicole Yermanos I think you did a fair and honest review with proof so whoever was commenting negatively on here must be her family since she identify on media as Nabela but her family knows her as Nabeela which is how the one hate comment is referring to her. If products are inferior it needs to be said, maybe with a little less drama to taken more serious. I enjoyed your review.

  3. Sister before u starting this video I think u set in ur mind that how to defame this products… first of all before judging anything make sure u have that knowledge much…look at it eyebrow girl it's looks like 1970's eyebrow 😂😂😂u should embarrass in your self girl😁

  4. Let me start by saying, you are one sad soul!!
    Atleast get your facts right, the brush kit is $10 not $30, you made a joke of your self comparing this lip kit with kylie ($35) one!!!
    The lip liner is darker than the lipstick shade cause that’s what girls with dark skintone use to wear nudes, do some research before judging others!!! It’s even described on the box!!!
    Nabeela wanted to show her roots with is collection, and the color gold is a big part of Asian culture, hence the highlighter needed to be gold and not experimenting with other colors, girl you lack knowledge!!!
    I don’t get it, you mentioned to be careful with the highlighter cause its loose highlighter and then complained that it didn’t just come out easily!! Did you want it to be all over the place? Looks like it’s not a simple review, you have something personal!!!!
    Strange that the lipstick didn’t smell at first when you were putting it on, but as soon as it was not sticky anymore, you had to go back smelling it to find a fault!!
    I’ve never seen anyone put highlighter like this!!! What’s wrong with you????
    Lastly, Im sure there was nothing wrong with the brush, it started shredding after listening to you!!

  5. I just bought this kit last night at ulta, love the lip liner, love the color of the lipstick, BUT the formula is horrible in my opinion, it says comfortable on the lips, and it’s not it’s sticky, so I had to put a matching nyx butter gloss over it to make it comfortable. Highlighter is beautiful, blinding actually so only need a little. Haven’t tried the brushes yet.

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