0 Replies to “Du Lịch Đà Nẵng | Khu Du Lịch BÀ NÀ HILLS | Vlog 14 | Cuộc Sống Vui Vẻ”

  1. Super video my friend as always 😀 I really like the Wax Models of all the celebrities 😉 Wishing you a SUPER Weekend and a great time with whatever your doing too 🌞 Best wishes,SM💃Big Like 37🕺

  2. Great video and music, my dear friend Cuoc Song, i like very much!!!

    Warm and friendly greetings from me and Greece and have a happy new week!!

    Best regards, George + like 34

  3. What a spectacular locasion 😉 The scenery is magnificent but my favorite is the dinosaurs 😀 Keep up the AMAZING Work👍Best wishes,Sean 🦎 Big Like 28 🐊

  4. Very spectacular the bridge supported by a giant hand! WOW so many flowers..and the wax figures .and many many more💐🌸😀🙏🌹🙏🌻💐🌸💙 😀 LIKE#23👍 25 Min. 11 Sec. full view Have a great weekend with your family! Ciao

  5. 19 begeni ben komşuyum zaten zil 🔔açık sizin manzara harika 80000.like süper paylaşım hayırlı yayınlar ve bol şanslar diliyorum Hayırlı mutlu akşamlar geçirmeniz dileğiyle kalpi güzel kardeşim saygılar😊🙋👉☕🍫

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  7. Really Beautiful view and Scenery 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌷🌷🌷🌷
    Thank you my friend for the great sharing (*´ω`*)👍like 13

  8. Wow!!! That is absolutely beautiful that hand that looks like it's wrapped around the bottom of the bridge!! Thank you for taking us with you!!! Great video!! <3

  9. Em oi nghe noi vẻ cây cầu này nhưng hom nay duoc xem video, cam on em nhiều, nhớ em mà chi được xem cây cầu này

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