Does the CDMA module on a GSM iPhone 6 work? – Yes!

I activated my T-Mobile iPhone 6 (full price, no contract, bought from online apple store) with a Version sim card. I can make phone calls and get access to Version 4G LTE network. The CDMA module on a GSM iPhone 6 is fully functioning. One thing to mention, the phone has to be unlocked (except Sprint).


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  1. Did you have to do anything to get it activated mine is unlocked it’s a 7 att and it reads the Verizon but doesn’t give me any signal bars can you help

  2. your actually right i have a AT&T IPhone 6+ flashed to Boost Mobile the only thing that works is the Talk and TxT i get 1x data that do not work

  3. the Verizon LTe is the same as any other GSM LTE. that it why your Verizon sim will work on the T-mobile iPhone 6. However, Verizon 3G will not work.

  4. Can I ask a question ? I want to buy an iPhone 6 but don't want to spend a ton of money cause I'm gonna be a student on august. I was wondering : how does the iPhone with contract work ? I mean how much do you have to pay and for how long . thanks in advance

  5. What do you mean by except Sprint? I was looking forward to buy an iphone 6 on sprint which i believe might be a CDMA cause of the 14 digits imei, unlock it and then use it on a GSM network outside USA. can you help me out? thanks

  6. I think you are wrong about the cmda working. Verizon uses cmda and lte technology. LTE is a GSM technology, that is why Verizon phones have sim cards. Verizon phones now support GSM because they use LTE. Your phone is only able to use LTE and GSM. However, LTE can be used for phone calls (VOLTE) and that is how you can call on this phone.

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