Dj120 Vol.2 – "LIVE IN US" (sesion makina) – mix makina happy hardcore

1. Dj Pumu – Live in us
2. Bestox Vol. 1 – Whine Up
3. Dj Vic – Absurd Words
4. Pussyphobia promo – Que digo
5. Force 10 – Taking me higher
6. Octopussy Vol.2 – Pussy Phobia
7. Baked Potato Records #2 – Kissed
8. Dj Cesar – Everybody Hit Drum

Mix Makina
Platines vinyl : 2 platines Reloop RP-6000 MK6 LTD + 1 platine Technics MK2
Table de mixage : Korg km-402


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34 Replies to “Dj120 Vol.2 – "LIVE IN US" (sesion makina) – mix makina happy hardcore”

  1. wenas,hace tiempo que busco el vinilo del tema pussyphobia promo-que digo,
    alguien sabe el nombre exacto del vinilo??no lo encuentro x ningun lado.gracias y saludos!!

  2. absolutely brilliant fella for someone whos just gone to turntables after doing cds for years this is what i needed a bit of inspiration! wickd good tunes good mixing respect! keep it up (fukin love makina)

  3. Wow!! Mixing with 3 vinyl tables! As a CDJ user, I've gotta say, you got SKILLS, my friend! Good job, diggin the tunes! 🙂

  4. m8 if i could like this badboy ten times over i would but but il haVE to like it once. not enough, mixing is supereb. subscribing for more vids

  5. can you help me mate coz i want to buy turntables and i.m thinking between used 1210 mk2 or brand new Reloop RP-6000 MK6 b or ltd. which one better? i know that the technics are legends but seriusly reelops are brand new, they ve got pre amps and more more fetures… can you tell me which ones are better for you?? i m not gonna use them for scratching but for mixing techno tunes…

  6. @BledlochTana me podrias decir donde puedo descargarla por favor? te lo agradeceria por que no la encuentro.
    un saludo

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