DIY Iphone speaker dock (TUTORIAL)

This is a quick diy iPhone/smartphone speaker dock project. It was a fairly easy build and looks great to. Wood used was Oak but pine would work to. it amplify the sound well from the phone and charges the phone at the same time. Its good if you don’t mind the lack of base.
i use a old lighting cable i had hanging around.

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Music by joakim karud
Track: Anytime (thank you)


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27 Replies to “DIY Iphone speaker dock (TUTORIAL)”

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  2. Looks good. Is there a design where the dock can be turned "off" (in case you don't want the phone to be charging) and where you can easily replace the charger (maybe the wire got bitten by a pet or something)?

  3. OK, so what are you supposed to do when the cord breaks? (Yours is glued in!!). They do not last forever.

    And what are the round things for in the middle of the holes? What is THEIR purpose??

  4. nice build but i have one problem….. i'm that kind of person that change his phone every 4 months or so…. so what if you could make another version but with the magnetic chargers you can buy off amazon and make it adjustable

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