Dietitian Reviews Old What I Eat in a Day Wedding Diet

In another edition of What I Eat in a Day Review, because of popular demand, I’m going to review my own What I Eat in a Day video that I posted a few years ago back when I was getting married.
I have moved on from cold brew because it upset my stomach and now prefers espresso.
I stopped using protein powder and anything with artificial sweeteners when I got pregnant. I still love sour cherries after a workout because they help to reduce muscle soreness. Because I was working out a lot back then, I was paying close attention to her protein intake post workout and aiming for 20-30 g postworkout.
I have since figured out a way better way to get protein into oats with something called PROATS. You can find my favourite PROATS recipes in THE MINDFUL GLOW COOKBOOK here
I can’t believe how many vegetables I was consuming and now would probably split that amount into two meals.
I now go for the highest fat Greek yogurt because it’s more satiating and less sour.
I still love almond butter and loves it as a topper for celery, toast, oats, ANYTHING.
I am still a huge fan of cottage cheese but recently Ive been snacking on things that are a bit more fun like an ice cream bar, popcorn or mini muffin.
Based on the macronutrient distribution, Abbey was consuming a low carb, higher protein diet.
Here’s what Abbey likes about her pre-wedding diet:
Variety, Accessibility, Antioxidants and Fibre.
How has her diet changed?
Not restrictive or calculated – I still find my wedding diet evidence of diet culture and wellness culture
She still eats a lot of veggies, but not that much!
Abbey eats more plant based.
Abbey batch preps more.
For more tips on staying healthy, recipes, dieting, and information fit for consumption by foodies everywhere stop by Abbey’s blog.


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39 Replies to “Dietitian Reviews Old What I Eat in a Day Wedding Diet”

  1. In the past when i had cereals i never could have a normal serving/portion and feel good about it but always took the big sallad bowl filled with cereals and at least 1liter milk to go with it, taht's why i cant eat cereals intuitively it would take me to a very unhealthy place and I tried all the different brands because i really enjoyed my cereals and milk. But some foods some people just can't handle very well and some people can't have just 1 glass of vine so it's better to not have it at all in my opinion.


  3. Yes I feel ashamed if I'm not eating clean 80% of the time. It's more like 35 % of the time 🤷‍♀️ I eat clean. It's like, I'm not a hypocrite because I want fries and a milkshake once
    a week. I enjoy it! That being said, I need more veggies in my life for health reasons. I want to get pregnant in a few years

  4. 4:34 NEVER use metal in teflon pots and pans!! The metal scraped off small particles from the teflon and the body can’t digest it and it can be very dangerous! Please read up on that and only use wood or heat resistent plastic spoons etc. 💛

  5. Review Cambrie Schroder! She does meal plans and what she calls "cleanses" for models and women that want a "model" figure. She sells Coachella cleanses on her website and Has a lot of Miami Swim Week prep videos.

  6. You should talk about how fat in yogurt is also essential for delivering the fat-soluble vitamins that come in yogurt. I used to only do 0% yogurt, until I learned about all the nutrients I was cutting out in my Nutrition course.

  7. You've talked about hemp hearts so much recently that I just ordered 24 oz of them without having ever tried them before. That's trust.

  8. I use whole eggs in my oatmeal! The yolk doesn't make it savory, it makes it custardy! One of my favorite versions used finely shredded carrots and a little cream cheese and honey (and spices like cinnamon and ginger) because it tastes like carrot cake. Not sure how it compares to carrot cake nutritionally but it probably has less sugar and definitely has more complex carbs. Still, not exactly a weekday breakfast because it takes a bit more time

  9. I mean this in the nicest way possible but when you say your name at the beginning of your videos it sounds like your saying ‘Emily SHART’ rather than Emily sharp

  10. I've never heard of proats before but imma have to try them after my workout today (I already had breakfast so they will be a late llunch or dinner)

  11. Abbey this great that you turn the mirror on yourself and see where you've changed and being objective and sharing your "own review"
    Sign of a true professional who cares about the cause.

  12. Can you so an up to date what I eat in a day while you listen to your body?

    Edit: I finished watching and you said what you eat changes day to day so maybe do a what I ate in a week?

  13. Definitely don’t go back to babybels:

  14. I’m really interested to hear what you think about Autumn Bates and her what I eat in a day. I’ll be honest it made me want to absolutely give up on trying to be healthy, I’d be starving especially with the amount of exercise she gets in. I don’t want to pit dietitian against nutritionist, but I want to know if that’s really what someone trying to maintain, not lose, should really be eating.

  15. Please find an alternative to the babybel cheeses!!

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