Destiny 2: Swift Ride XE8375 God Roll Guide & Review – Black Armory Pulse Rifle PvP Gameplay

A destiny 2 swift ride xe8375 god roll guide & review of the black armory pulse rifle pvp gameplay. This destiny 2 swift ride god roll guide or destiny 2 swift ride review lets you know the destiny 2 swift ride black armory pulse rifle god rolls designed for pvp. If looking for destiny 2 swift ride pvp gameplay, then you are in the right place! If you enjoyed the content, comeback for more daily Destiny 2 videos!!!
This destiny 2 swift ride guide and potentially, destiny 2 god roll swift ride pvp review, is designed to give you all the information necessary to keep or scrap the destiny 2 swift ride pulse rifle. Of all the destiny 2 swift ride black armory perks, there is one that is an absolute must and it pertains to everything dealing with recoil direction in correlation with lethality. As to exactly what that destiny 2 black armory pulse rifle roll is, you are just going to have to watch the video for that haha, but know that it contains a very underrated perk called Drop Mag. That one perk alone can make or break the pulse rifle and you will discover this for yourself given this destiny 2 swift ride gameplay pvp. This destiny 2 swift ride xe8375 farm or destiny 2 swift ride how to get god roll information is your perfect guide to getting exactly what you need given a little RNG luck! As soon as you happen to obtain the beautiful swift ride destiny 2 pulse rifle, let me know what you think of the swift ride xe8375 destiny 2 black armory beauty and as always Diaslayers, great gaming, till next time?!
► Video Timestamps:
• Swift Ride TTK Stats @ 2:17
• My God Roll & Why It Is @ 3:46
• Swift Ride Range Tests @ 5:28
• Kill Clip / Rampage TTKs @ 6:11
• Swift Ride Base Stats @ 8:05
• Shot Rhythm Recoil Tests @ 9:07
• God Roll Perks & Why @ 10:30
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0 Replies to “Destiny 2: Swift Ride XE8375 God Roll Guide & Review – Black Armory Pulse Rifle PvP Gameplay”

  1. I have this sitting in my vault never really used it in pvp and my role has accurized rounds rangefinder and kill klip looks like I'll be trying something new in pvp soon

  2. I have the same roll except it has flared magwell and it's great! I put on the metropolitan acoustics shader so it looks like the hawksaw!

  3. Crazy, I just got this exact roll minus drop mag last week and I've been pairing it with chaperone on my spectral blade hunter. Suuuuper crispy

  4. This is my go to weapon, i've only come across 1 player in PVP that i got killed by using it
    Ive only gotten one so far since i came back to D2 but it melts

    SPO 26 // appended mag // outlaw // killclip // Range mstwrk

  5. Vro, my Nightshade came with Red Dot 2 MOA, Flared Magwell, Moving Target, High-Impact Reserves, and Counterbalance Stock with Handling Masterwork. This roll gets you hella bread. I swear on my Yeezys that this is a high end roll!

  6. Going to have to redo a ton of weapon reviews with armor 2.0 as well as testing the new stats of armor. Your going to be neck deep in creating content my friend.

  7. Thank you for the video, I have spo-57, drop, moving, killclip with ranged mw and cb mod. It pairs nicely with my sc holo, ricochet, snapshot, kill clip, range mw, cb mod antiope-d.

    still love my blast furnace so much

  8. For the solstice armor i needed 75 arc weapon kills in the crucible, so i looked in the vault and i found one of these swift ride's with outlaw and headseeker, i was definitely surprised, and i liked it better than last perdition

  9. This weapon feels so good, the grouping is so tight and it sounds just right imo, this is my favorite pulse rifle in the game

  10. I'm jealous of the roll you have on yours. Mine has ambitious assassin/kill clip. It puts in work but I know it could be better.

  11. Glad you did this review. Been using a drop mag, grave robber (meh for a pulse) and kill clip for about a month. Love it being in energy slot. can pair with any of those great kinetic slot hand cannons. I use the curated Bygones when I want pulse in kinetic but feels every bit as good

  12. Accurized rounds, outlaw and kill clip… Range masterwork and a counterbalance thats the ps4 monster… I have 1… Time to get salty 😉

  13. Damn dude you lit me up 😂. But man when we team up tho we wrecked guardians and made them a little bit Saltyyyy!! Thanks the content man. I enjoyed seeing myself , even if I was getting killed or killing with you.

  14. Good roll, as far as pulses go i havent found one that can make me put down my steady rounds, quickdraw, kill clip, range MW blast furnace.(console player)

  15. I got one of these early on. Acurized rounds..outlaw…rampage
    I love this gun. I put a targeting adjuster on mine. It's crazy good. Great vid bro

  16. Finally, you're talking about my favorite gun. Like I commented on your last perdition video. 😀 You can also get this gun to drop from Saboteurs. I have 2 god rolls. Same as yours with medium sights and range MW, the other one is with handling masterwork (which often feels better because pulses don't have good handling). Nice drop, you'll love that gun. Great Vid!

  17. I’d love to see how it performs: 1. In other gamemodes besides clash 2. With enemies actually focussing on you with a competitive gun 3. On console in that meta

  18. GreT vid as alwYz mate, I hav 7K kills crucible kills with mine, same roll as urs but I use suros 57 sight and flared mag, range MW, range and kill clip, I miss my hawk saw very much….

  19. Found a Swift Ride in my vault…just lying there …quietly….and it has range finder, drop mag and kill clip…gonna give it a run in the crucible for sure!

  20. I struggle with pulse rifles 😭 I always get smacked by other pulse rifle users idk what it is about changing from hand cannon to pulse rifles but I just seem to be trash with them 🤣🤣 but love the video dude amazing content keep up the great work!

  21. My Last Perdition is SRO 57, Accurised Rounds, Rangefinder and Kill CLIP with Range MW. (I believe that's the max range roll)

    My roll of the Swift Ride is SRO 37, Drop Mag/Flared Magwell, Moving Target and Kill Clip with Stability Masterwork.

    I haven't used the Swift Ride yet, I'll masterwork it but I absolutely love the Last Perdition which is the same archetype. I miss my Suros PDX which was a clone of the perfectly rolled Hawksaw. So I'm keen to try this out.

  22. Awesome video as always bro lol man that 2v6 was great, that happened to me not to long ago and we destroyed them as well lol. I haven't gotten this pulse in particular but man now I want one lol

  23. Oh boy, more weapons to get. Don't get me wrong I love them pulse rifles but I'm busy with the solstice armor. I'll get anyways.

  24. I love mine, it’s amazing. You forgot to mention when you put Suros modular shader on it it’s a PDX-45….in other words it’s extremely nasty.

  25. I have one in the vault ……….acc rounds, outlaw, killclip …………been there forever never tryed it ……..but you can bet your butt I'm going to now………Great job and THANK'S

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