Destiny 2: Last Man Standing God Roll Guide And Review | Last man standing PVP Gameplay Review

Today we are looking at the perfect roll to look for on the last man standing shotgun.
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33 Replies to “Destiny 2: Last Man Standing God Roll Guide And Review | Last man standing PVP Gameplay Review”

  1. I got one from my first ever match of gambit prime with corkscrew, assault mag, threat detector, and one two punch!!!

  2. Great video man love your channel! Cant wait to farm this next week the drop rates are amazing now! I got one with field prep and 1-2 punch but i want a pvp roll now

  3. Awesome guide but make sure You put an overview for the entire pve + pvp roll on the screen so we can take a Screenshot

  4. I got assault mag grave robber one two punch range mw. But smooth bore (worst possible as spread increase) and barrel shroud (not ideal but better). Reckoning drop rates good now got something every second run. Wud full choke help to prog one two punch?

  5. I have one with grave robber and swashbuckler. The thing melts orange and yellow bars. Don't sleep on the combo you didn't mention man 😂

  6. Well I've got a decent pvp roll… 5th weapon since the reckoning buff…
    light mag / tactical mag,
    opening shot,
    one-two punch
    range masterwork.
    Almost one hit a spectral with it but getting that close and pulling off the melee is really difficult. Sounds and feels nicer than mindbenders but the runes on mb… Mmmm sexy.

  7. Great video! Had to immediately check my vault, and there it was, a LMS with Rifled Barrel/Accurized Rounds/Opening Shot/One-Two Punch w/Range MW. I definitely must try it in PvP.

  8. Introducing unknown AKA Carlos AKA THE APE 2.0 with shotgun + mele action to shutdown super.ahem… bottom tree striker

  9. They should also buff the drop rates of the prototype weapons from black armory, those are pretty solid weapons with the right roll

  10. Great video, but don’t short-sell opening shot my dude—it is top, top tier for shotguns and snipers! Big chonk more range and accuracy, active in almost all engagements.

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