Dell XPS 15 i9 7590 for Graphic Designers Hands On Review

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The new specifications on the Dell XPS 15 7590 may give you the performance boost you are looking for in your graphic design or video editing computer. The scheduled release date is in early June. In this video, I want to break down the new Dell XPS 15 vs the 9570 (previous model). This will help you understand the value of the new machine and if it is worth waiting for the new Dell XPS 15 model to release.
If you are new to my blog or YouTube channel you know that I am a huge fanboy of the Dell XPS 15. As a prior make enthusiast, I needed something better in performance but equal in quality. I jumped ship on Apple a few years ago due to their price gouging and lack of necessary performance for heavy graphic design tasks and video editing.
So I set my sights on the Dell XPS 15 for its substantial build quality, solid battery life, and GREAT performance.
With the release of the latest Dell XPS 15, my satisfaction with the Dell XPS 15 only continues to grow. Their build quality remains on par with my expectations while they continue to improve the experience and performance of this machine.
There is not a lot NEW about the Dell XPS 15 as far as the build is concerned. Which honestly, I am completely content. Apple has only revised the MacBook Pro’s build 4 times during more than a decade of its life. If you have a well-built product than I don’t see a need to make A LOT of changes… unless the lack of changes is causing you to fall behind in user satisfaction.
The Dell XPS 15 comes with a new 4k OLED screen (IMPORTANT: the OLED is NOT a touch screen). This will come in handy for graphic designers, video editors, and photographers. The screen will be more vibrant, color-accurate, and sharp! Dell is claiming a 100% RGB color range. This is a fantastic upgrade because they are increasing the accuracy and performance of the machine.
The next “major” change is the webcam moving from the bottom of the screen back to the top while continuing to keep the minimal bezel we all cherish. This is a small bonus for those who are often having web conferences with clients.
While discussing the experience of the new Dell XPS 15 I believe a key feature is the promise of a longer battery life. Dell is promising 20 hours of battery life on the HD model and 13 hours with the OLED 4k model when doing basic tasks like writing word docs offline.
That is all happy and well, but in reality, what does that look like for you as a graphic designer. In contrast to tests I have done in the past with the promised battery life and the actual battery life experience when working in Adobe Creative Cloud, I am going to wager you will probably get around 7.5 – 9 hours of battery life out of the HD model and 6.5 – 8 hours out of the OLED model.
For a machine that is fast, light, and well built these are actually very good battery life specs. The Asus Strix II can only get about 2.5 – 3 hours of battery life.
Now that we have discussed the ins and outs of the usability let’s dive into the performance of the machine to see what kind of power can be expected in the new model.
The new Dell XPS 15 can come with the 9th generation of the i5, i7, or i9 processor. The i7 processor has been historically the most reliable and best-performing processor in the Dell XPS 15. Last year’s model gave you the option of selecting the i9. There were a lot of complaints about thermal (laptop getting very hot), as well as some performance throttling in order to try and reduce the heat the new i9 was causing.
As far as the performance is concerned I did a little benchmark digging to help you get prepped for what model you are going to purchase. The i9 does give you a little more performance, but NOT a lot. On the benchmarks I was reviewing between the two processors the i9 was only about 7% faster than the i7.
Graphics Processing Unit
Let’s talk about the GPU. Last year’s model came with the GTX 1050Ti. A fantastic GPU for this high-performance super-thin ultrabook. The GTX 1650 is about 33% faster than the GTX 1050Ti.
One added bonus this year is the Wifi card. My Dell XPS 15 has a pretty lousy Wifi reception… my wife has a 2011 MacBook Pro that picks up better Wifi than my 2017 Dell XPS 15. So I am really hoping with this new Wifi card that they fix that Terrible Wifi issue.
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5 Replies to “Dell XPS 15 i9 7590 for Graphic Designers Hands On Review”

  1. Same model but with i7, use for PS, LR and davinci. What is bothering me is the fan noise even when cpu is at 5-10%. Have you faced something similar?

  2. I've heard the oled is not as color accurate. So I called and changed my order to this same spec . I've been watching XPS videos like a mad man lol love your content dude !

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