31 Replies to “Constantine Movie Size Lighter Review”

  1. Any chance of sending me a link to the website. I love the movie version Constantine. Think I would like to buy this. 🙂

  2. Nicholas I love your videos but could you help me?is it okay to buy the one on ioffer dot com called "LIGHTER PURE COPPER ARMOR CONSTANTINE" or is it better to pay more for the one on szippos dot com called "ARMOR ETCHED CONSTANTINE ZIPPO LIGHTER"

  3. on botsave dot com are these all real zippos? because i want
    Japanese Golden Sexy Angel Zippo Limited Edition but i don t know if it s original. can you help me out?

  4. @Materia068 just checked and 123zippo has it on sale for $200 right now. If you go with them it will take 3-5 days to get it. Botsave will take 3 weeks to receive.

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