Constantine 2005

Constantine is a 2005 American action horror film directed by Francis Lawrence as his directorial debut, starring Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, with Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, Tilda Swinton, and Djimon Hounsou. With a screenplay by Kevin Brodbin and Frank Cappello, the film is based on Vertigo Comics’ Hellblazer comic book, with plot elements taken from the “Dangerous Habits” story arc (issues #41-46) and the “Original Sins” trade paperback. The character of John Constantine was introduced by noted comic book writer/creator Alan Moore while writing the Swamp Thing (comic book), first appearing there in June 1985.


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37 Replies to “Constantine 2005”

  1. Thats the idea of islam.
    The devil made a challange that people aint better than him.
    Challange was accepted.
    Just no direct contact just influence.

  2. You are believer that's good….you have your reasons to believe, I have my reasons to don't like him/her/whatever…let it be as it is….:)

  3. En jij denkt dat ik het grappig vind of apricheer dat mensen in me prive leven snuffelen…fake is dat gedrag, het is een duivel die ik niet wardeer…slay it every time

  4. 1. The Matt Ryan series was cancelled due to low ratings, but interesting, those ratings were good for CW and other Networks. Plus, Matt Ryan was praised for his role as John and he continues to play it and in Legends of Tomorrow 5, we will have an "ending" at Astra's Story (unfortunately, Manny's Story will not be continued)

    2. The "thing" that Constantine uses in this scene is the Veil of Moses. I recommend all of you to play the PS2/PC Tie-In.

  5. Rumor is that Keanu Reeves is actually up to play Constantine again, taking it with a grain of salt but if this ever comes true 🙌🙌🙏🙏 it needs to as good as the first or better!

  6. A good movie, I advise you to see, I myself have watched and more than once, but only in Russian.

  7. me gusta demaciado esta pelicula. Por los efectos y por el protagonista. En verdad que sabe lo que hace. Es uno de los pocos actores que me encantan.

  8. What I love about this movie, God is the Ultimate hero at the end and Constantine gives the devil the middle finger to his face.

  9. Que película! !!!!!!! Y cuando pasa el micro!!!!! El salto que pegue en el cine, ,, ,tire todos los pochoclos al piso !!!!!!😆😆

  10. great scene, great interaction (he belives in you) and a great movie. sadly it was not a hit in cinema. i guess most people want brainless CGI packed movies.

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