Combobox In VBA User form

Hello Friends,

In this video you will learn how to use COMBO BOX in a USER FORM of VBA.

Please download this excel file from below given link:

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17 Replies to “Combobox In VBA User form”

  1. I like all your videos.. if I want to create Employees attendance using VBA and clocking in and out with total working hours. How to make it?

  2. Thanks bhai. you have helped me a lot. i was looking for a way to make a dynamic combobox. your explanation is clear.

  3. Sir.. Please give me your number or please you cant share your number.. Request you to plesae please cal me 8450931566.. I faced major issue in my excel project.. Want to if you can shot it out.. I have tried many guys.. but no result.. Please

  4. Dude, you are truly amazing. Like the guy below, I have been searching for over a WEEK for your video. My userforms, comboboxes and command buttons weren't working. Now I know why!

  5. I've been reading forums and watching videos for 4 hours trying to figure out why my comboboxes aren't populating. this helped me figure it out. Thank You.

  6. Hello PK.This is great as usual.Would you consider making a similar user form that shows how to enter data into a user form that populates the worksheet rather than typing into the worksheet.So when you are using combo box and boxes on form then user types into user form then data automatically entered into sheet.kind regards

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