Best Smartphone You Didn’t Know About?

Axon 10 Pro review soon, but here is a quick look at an actual flagship killer Android smartphone in the USA. From Axon 10 Pro camera, specs, to design, and price, is the Axon 10 Pro worth buying? Check out this Axon 10 Pro video to find out. Click here for more info:
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23 Replies to “Best Smartphone You Didn’t Know About?”

  1. is this the us version?…i see capable very good….didint know it was dual speakers too..i just orderd the 12 gig ram model

  2. QUESTION! Does the SETTINGS menu of the phone have a DARK MODE? ie. Does the global dark mode actually work globally? Also, what options are there for GESTURE NAVIGATION? Every review I've seen has the standard 3 button bar at the bottom of the screen.

  3. my thoughts is … it may be great but … if it only is supported for 6 months … not really worth it .. I like my axon 7 but .. feel I was ripped off due to it losing all its support and security updates 6 months (yeah it was probably a bit longer but no where near the 2 years most manufacturers give) after the phone was released and the lies ZTE told. "we will let you unlock the phone and put roms on it … we are working with LineageOS " then the phone came out .. people bought it .. they didn't let you unlock the bootloader … they they removed the boot loader completely. Then they stopped and held back information from lineage … then most of the other modders just gave up on ZTE and stopped making / updating their ROMS .. the phone died yet it was one of the best phones on the market at the time .. I just don't understand it … I'm sure this will be the same .. it will probably be fantastic but in 6 months no one including ZTE will deal with it and they will start dealing with a lesser quality poorer speced phone like with the axon 7 … Modders stopped working on the Axon 7 to work on the lesser quality poorer spec phone the OnePlus 5 and ZTE dropped support for it soon after so .. no updates for 2 years .. lucky if you got them for 6 months .. lets hope ZTE doesn't pull the same thing … maybe wait about a year if you want one and see if its like the Axon 7… ZTE is in it for the immediate money grab and they drop it like it was on fire

  4. Curved display?!? 🤮🤮🤮

    That is what I hate about Samsung and OnePlus

    Images and videos looked warped om the edges because of these curved screen

  5. Wiki:

    "The settlement was criticized by Senators as "personal favours" between Trump and Chinese Government, as the Chinese Government issued a loan for an Indonesian theme park project with a Trump golf course following the May 2018 announcement."

    Nice phone. Great value. BUT, ZTE and Trump can get bent nonetheless.

  6. It is a nice phone but like the Axon 9 this phone is doomed to fail. As I can remember it was introduced in february ands still hasn't hit the market.

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