ASUS Zenfone 6 vs Lenovo Z6 Pro – Smartphone Camera Comparison

ASUS Zenfone 6 vs Lenovo Z6 Pro – Smartphone Camera Comparison
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ASUS Zenfone 6
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30 Replies to “ASUS Zenfone 6 vs Lenovo Z6 Pro – Smartphone Camera Comparison”

  1. Image stabilization goes to the ZenFone 6. Color vibrancy for the images and audio clarity goes to the Lenovo Z6 Pro. And I doubt there's an OIS on the Lenovo Z6 Pro rear camera. Maybe just an EIS though which is not that great compared to OIS.

  2. The Lenovo definitely has better video quality, image quality and audio. I also prefer the slightly wider angle on the front facing camera over the Asus close up in your face view of the Asus… however I like that the Asus has much better image stabilization and 4K 60 frames per second vs the 4K 30 frames per second that the Lenovo offers. It's a hard call but I can say this if Lenovo can get that image stabilization thing figured out with a software update then as much as like Asus I think even with only the 30 frames per second 4K video I would probably go with the Lenovo… and considering I can buy that Lenovo for a $100 less Canadian $641 vs $754 Canadian dollars for the Asus that's another point for the Lenovo… and to top it off for those prices the Lenovo comes with 128 gig of memory out of the box and the Asus only comes with 64 gig is another point for the Lenovo. So having said I am heavily leaving towards the Lenovo. The only two things not going for it at the moment is the terrible image stabilization and that is only has the 30 frames per second in 4 K video mode. I am wondering if maybe he just didn't know how to turn it on?

  3. re: colors

    the human brain is wired in a way that makes us like things vibrant – be it a thumping pop beat in a song, a fast-switching action movie or a colorful image. the more it stimulates your senses, the more you're gonna like it. because of that, it's completely fine if that's your criteria regarding image quality. "it looks better in my eyes, so it's the better one" is a valid reason for picking the Z6 Pro. i, personally, like things to be shown exactly the way they are, so the Zenfone 6 is my winner on ALL comparisons here.

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